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Departments and Units

Departments and Units

Departments and Units

Universum College has the following departments and accredited programs:

Bachelor (BA) in Business and Management;
Bachelor (BA) in Public Administration, International Relations and European Studies;
Master (MA) in Management;
BSc in Computer Science;
BSc in Information Systems and Management (program from the University of London International Programmes.

DEPARTMENT – Business and Management (DBM)

Department of Business and Management was established in 2005 with the aim to be the primary focus in the study of processes in business administration. His inter-disciplinary range is incomparable. This department has the academic staff of the economy, business, law and science behavior. DBM has absorbed young academics from the best universities in the US, the UK and the rest of Western Europe. The department offers a Bachelor program and has the widest range of specializations of Business in Kosovo. DBM is open. It has strong links with other departments of  Universum College, as well as with other  local, regional and international academic centers. The uniqueness of the department is that there is a strong public profile. DBM organizes various events bringing various public figures at the College. Our web site is updated regularly with information, news and events dealing with the Department.

Bachelor (BA) in Business and Management

Specialisation in:

  • Management
  • Banks and Finance
  • Marketing and communication
  • International Business

BSc in Information Systems and Management

This study program is offered by University of London International Programmes and the London School of Economics and Political Sciences. The program is taught entirely in English and diplomas are issued by University of London. The program is offered in cooperation with the Department of Computer Science.

Master (MA) in Management

Specialisation in:

  • Management
  • International Business
  • Finance

DEPARTMENT – Public Administration, International Relation and European Studies

The aim of this study program is based on building the skills to understand the role, importance and function of administration and political science in which is build an entire spectrum of social science knowledge. Students gain knowledge about social science methods, develop analytical and communication skills and create knowledge on the role of public organizations. Furthermore, they gain sufficient skills for potential career, local or central government and to other public organizations in the country and abroad. Students develop knowledge of different political systems and public administration.

Bachelor (BA) in Public Administration, International Relation and European Studies 

Specialisation in:

  • Public Administration
  • International Relation and European Studies

DEPARTMENT– Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science aims to prepare students with knowledge and high applied and theoretical skills and to inform students with updated technologies in the field of IT. Furthermore, graduates will be prepared to be the leader in this field and to be awareness of the ethical, legal, and social responsibilities as an integral part of the profession. Also, students will be prepared to continue personal and professional career on the local and international level.
The program is established based on the recommendations of the most prominent organizations in the world such as: Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers  (IEEE) and the Association for Computing Machinery  (ACM ). Almost all professors have international experience in teaching or have completed studies in Europe and the United States of America. Universum has secured contracts for cooperation with big software international companies including Microsoft.