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Mission and Values

Mission and Values

Universum College is a higher education institution which received unconditional institutional accreditation by the Kosovo Accreditation Agency (KAA). Study programs, institutional management and quality assurance are highly evaluated by international experts (see reports of accreditation)
Universum College was established in March 2005 which is located in Pristina, Kosovo’s capital city and in Ferizaj. Since 2012 College Universum has started functioning with its branch in Gjakova.


The mission of Universum College  is to provide Kosovo, regional and international students with high quality studies, educational opportunities and services through excellence in teaching, lifelong learning, applied research and building partnerships. Furthermore, preparing students to have critical thinking, to be successful citizens, accountable, and to support economic development in Kosovo and the region.

The tools to achieve the mission are:

  • To provide high quality education for Kosovo, regional and international students;
  • To preserve and develop standards of excellence essential for the future success of our students and to provide the necessary tools to achieve these goals;
  • To encourage applied research;
  • To continue to develop innovative and flexible educational approaches that serve the needs of students;
  • To reveal scientific values inspiring the behavior of students;
  • To encourage personal and social development of students through extracurricular activities;
  • To develop the College as a center of lifelong learning;
  • To provide support programs to help students achieve their goals;
  •  To extend partnerships and international programs
  •  To enable students the recognition and appreciation of world cultures;
  •  To lead to the creation of partnerships that promote economic development in the region;
  •  To produce an incentive structure that encourage research and innovation for issue or interest to local and regional economies.


Academic excellence
Teaching excellence, academic freedom, knowledge

Critical independence, creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship

Integrity and Responsibility
Accountability, transparency, openness and honesty

Public service and good citizenship, collegiality, teamwork and mutual respect