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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

The mission of the Quality Assurance and Accreditation Office  (QAAO) is to maintain the highest standards of education in teaching, learning, and curriculum through coordination of evaluation and revision and implementation and development of quality control.


Principles and Methods of Quality Assurance

Universum College has adopted the principles of quality assurance outlined by the Declaration of the European University Association on  Quality and Quality Assurance. These principles of quality assurance at Universum were approved in the direction of policy development and evaluation methods.


The principles are:

  • Maintaining the main responsibility for quality assurance within our institution, rather than through external mechanisms;
  • Implementation of a comprehensive quality management,
  • Evaluation of all institutional activities, including: research, teaching, services to society, and supporting services,
  • Given our special mission in the national context of Kosovo,
  • Promoting trust to our partners

The Executive Board establishes standards to lead the mission of QAAO in order to apply the principles of quality assurance. These standards ensure continuous improvement of institutional quality and quality assessment. Standards established by the Executive Board of QAAO are:

  • To be informed with trends of the educational quality assurance,
  • To be informed of changes of the accreditation requirements in Kosovo,
  • To provide standards of awarded qualifications by the institution such  degrees and diplomas,
  • Monitoring the quality of teaching and students’ support programs and courses,
  • Creating a continuous internal assessment of  strengths and weaknesses in order to influence policy,
  • Creating a teaching responsibility system,
  • To ensure quality education through the establishment of the learning outcomes, setting credit standards and curriculum assessment,
  • Students’ involvement in quality assurance,
  • Consultation with potential employers in order to provide professional opinions and advice regarding expected results of the course,
  • Process development for internal review,
  • Process development for external review,
  • Conducting annual internal review of academic programs,
  • Conducting external review of academic programs every three years in cooperation with Kosovo Accreditation Agency,
  • Conducting feasibility assessments of grades and course structures in academic programs,
  • Promoting transparency in evaluation process,
  • Fostering an ethical environment and academic integrity within the institution as a whole.

The mission of QAAO is achieved in relation with the standards of the Executive Board through defined methods which are continuously updated and improved. These methods are based on quantitative and qualitative information.


Quantitative methods:

  • Student surveys administered at the end of the semester;
  • Statistics on student progress and success, including: attendance, level of completion of studies, and the hours devoted to classes and grades;
  • The employment of graduates;
  • Students’ satisfaction surveys;
  • Socio-economic data;
  • Statistics from the annual and periodic reviews.

Qualitative methods:

  • Reports by foreign evaluators;
  • Accreditation and recommendations reports;
  • Annual program review;
  • Periodic reviews;
  • Student’s assessment through dialogue;
  • Surveys on teaching effectiveness;
  • Employee surveys and industry professionals;
  • Staff survey;
  • Student dialog.

Periodic internal reviews of academic programs

The purpose of periodic reviews of academic programs is to improve the overall effectiveness and quality of the program by updating it in order to reflect market trends and changes in education.

Internal review procedure:

  • Internal Report of  Academic Program,
  • External review of the Programme by  Academic Program Board,
  • Location Visit by Board of the Academic Program,
  • Metting between the Academic Program Staff,  Academic Programme Board and the Administration Staff of Universum,
  • Action and Answer Plan of the Review of Program.