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Junior Enterprise

Junior Enterprise

Junior Enterprise concept is based on non-profit organizations, whose purpose is to serve as a bridge between theory and practice for students to pursue higher studies. In order to achieve this, students develop projects for other organizations. Junior Enterprise activities aim professionalism within organization and projects.

Junior Enterprise is an association or a cooperative society, which in most cases is associated with a university.  JE  by operational side and its administrators are completely independent from the impact that may come from outside of the national network or European confederations of JE. JE stays away from political issues and away from any kind of discrimination.

Students involved
Junior Enterprise may include students which can provide marketable services. When students decide to engage in the Junior Enterprise, it is good that students are in the middle of studies, in order to be able to stay two or three years in the company before leaving it. In this way they will be able to move in several positions within the company as part of its management and make some projects in which they can be included as a simple employee, or as project managers.

Professors involved
Professors serve as external advisers to JE and intervene when they are asked to help the students. Usually, the inclusion of the professor is in voluntary basis.

Types of projects
There are various types of projects that students can be engaged at JE. In European countries such as Swiss, Dutch, English and German enterprises are very successful and perform important projects for small, medium and large enterprises.

For example simple projects would be:
o Construction of web sites
o Consulting firms to make business plans, organization analysis, marketing plan,
preparation of advertising, public relation, market studies for new product introduction
o Financial advice
o Tourism advice
o Architectural project preparation (graphic), etc.
Enterprises can bring projects, in which students can develop in the form of thesis (bachelor and master thesis).

Provision of services
Services are usually offered for small and medium enterprises, but they are offered for large enterprises as well, if they are safety. The Junior Enterprise is composed by successful, quality and reliable employees. Examples of large companies in which Junior Enterprises in Europe have developed projects are: American Express, BMW, Coca Cola Beverages, IBM, Lufthansa, Shell, Nissan, Nestlé, Colgate, Nokia, Siemens, etc.

Cost of services
Usually, the price of services is lower in comparison with other competing companies that require higher price for the same service, or a similar service.