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Exams and Evaluation

Exams and Evaluation

Evaluation method

Regular and correspondence students are evaluated on the basis of the evaluation criteria set by the lecturer of the relevant subject. these criteria are presented in the syllabus in which the lecturer presents to students in the first hour of the class. Each lecturer has the right of assessment methodology, but they should do a combination of assessment methods combining the work of the students during the semester and the final exam.

Examples of student assessment are presented in the following tables:

Students Homework (10 points) Test I. (30 points) Project. (10 points) Participation (10 points) The exam(40 points) Total (100 points) The overall grade
Adrian 8 29 8 9 38 92 10
Bekim 7 25 6 7 35 83 9
Nita 9 19 6 8 29 71 8
Teuta 10 18 8 10 20 66 70
Percentage Grade description The grade
91% – 100% Excellent 10.0 A
81% – 90% Very good 9.0 B
71% – 80% Good 8.0 C
61% – 70% Enough 7.0 D
51% – 60% Passed 6.0 E
50% – më poshtë Failed 5.0 F
Not finished (IN) 0.0
No data (NR) 0.0
Universum College offers four regular examtimelines:
  • January
  • April
  • June and
  • September

To participate in the exam, students must submit the request to take the exam through web-student and to check in the administration office whether  they have met the conditions to take the exam according to the  Rules of Universum. Students must be present in the classroom fifteen minutes before the beginning of the exam. Students who are late more than ten minutes are not eligible to take the exam. Students must have ID identification, otherwise may not take the exam.
Students who take the exam for the first time in the regular term do not need to pay a fee to register the exam, but all students taking the exam in the additional deadline must pay  3 euros per exam (regular students ) and 20 euro (part-time students). 
Exam results are announced two weeks after the exam is held and are published in the web0student. The student has the right to make a request to refuse the grade within  forty-eight hours after the results are being announced, otherwise the application will not be examined.