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International Partnerships

International Partnerships

International Partnership

Universum College has the strongest international partnerships from all other institutions that operates in Kosovo.  Universum has signed a twining agreement with  Chichester College from United Kingdom, joined in Global College Network, Anglia Network Europe, European Higher Education Society and has over 30 partner institutions from all over the world.

In September 2005, in the annual conference held in Etten Leur in Netherland, Universum College was acceptes as a full member in Global Colllege Network. Global College Network (GCN) is a netwrok comprised of 15 colleges and universities from England, Netherland, USA, Sweeden, Denmark, Japan, China, South Corea, Thailand and Kosovo, which are aimed at the exchange of academic staff and students between the two institutions .
Since September 2005, Universum College has been a representative for Kosovo network for international certification in English, Anglia Network Europe. Universum has established Kosovo network, in which includes over 140 teachers from some 70 primary and secondary schools from all over Kosovo with the aim to stimulate and structure of the English language through the organization of certification, teacher training, camps and summer schools etc. You can get information in Albanian in the official website www.AngliaNetwork.eu. 
Since January 2008, Universum has become a member of this association. Mr. Alejtin Berisha the representative of Universum College  took part in the executive forum held in Berlin on 1 March with the topic: “Innovation in higher education , what scientific research agenda is needed”. 
In November 2005, Universum College signed twin agreement with Chichester Colllege, which is the winner of the “Queen Anniversary Prizes’ for internationalization. Through the twinning agreement both institutions will work more closely with the aim in sharing experiences, staff and students. Also, both institutions can use each other’s identity in all promotional activities. So far nearly 100 students have been part of Chichester College in various exchange programs. As a result of this twinning is the idea of the realization of a joint program HND (high school diploma) in Business and Tourism. The idea is to have the same program stream, and students in Kosovo will have the same material, lectures, assignments, and exams with those in Chichester. The program is accredited by EDEXCEL in England.
In February 2008, the University Universum has signed twin agreement with Hawaii Tokai International College, in Hawaii, USA. We expect soon to begin student exchanges with the institution. Otherwise HTIC has campus in one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Waikiki beach in Honolulu Hawaii.
With this University is signed a 5 years agreement in the fields mentioned above. Soon, we expect a joint application to the program of studies in the field of pharmacy, as well as sending the first group of professors and students from Kosovo in this University. 

Prof. dr. Tilemachos Koliopoulos, from TEIA is a visiting professor in Environmental Management at the Universum College and professional associate of the Institute for Research and Consulting.

Two groups of both universities are working on creation of joint audio-visual lectures through video conferences.

It is one of the most prestigious private universities in Albania. Managing staff, academics and students have made reciprocal visits to exchange experiences. 
Under this agreement, Universum College is the legal representative for Kosovo TUT, enabling all students from Kosovo to register through the Office of International Cooperation at Universum by benefiting of the initial scholarship of 20%. 
Universum College is representative for Kosovo of this College. It is also agreed to send the staff of the University for post-graduate studies in this College, with 50% scholarship. 

Universum College has reached agreement with four Colleges which are part of Kaplan International Colleges, such as:

  • Sheffield International College (University of Sheffield)
  • Liverpool International College (Liverpool University)
  • Glasgow International College (University of Glasgow)
  • Notingham International College (Notingham Trent University)