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Summer Schools in Kosovo

Summer Schools in Kosovo

Universum College in cooperation with ANGLIA NETWORK EUROPE and ROC WEST BRABANT organizes:



Learn English through various activities, games and presentations of English speaking countries from representatives of America and British Embassies. Learn English for a week with teachers and students from the Netherlands and England.


At the end of summer school students receive international certificates from ANGLIA  NETWORK EUROPE.

Summer School in Prishtine.

Hurry up! Participating students aged 8-18 years.

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Students are divided into three levels of English. In the morning are held presentations from English speaking countries (England, USA, Australia, New Zealand), presentations by representatives of the American Embassy and English, at noon vocabulary enrichment and in the afternoon English language games and activities. Also students were given food during lunch at the College.

Summer school expenses include an amount of € 89 per week
Within this payment include:
– 1 week intensive English language learning on 3 levels with international professor.
– Compressed program all-day (Monday to Friday).
– Very attractive program with games, presentations and other activities.
– Food English during lunch in college.
– BBQ (picnic in Germia) and
– International Certificate from Anglia Network Europe.

Transportation costs include an amount of € 10 for a week

During the week of summer school organization “Anglia Summer School in Kosova“, the transportation is organizded from the city to the campus of the College.

Accommodation costs include an amount of € 50 for a week

Students who attend English school can also reside in the dormitory at the Universum College.

Within this payment went:
– Accommodation for a week in the dormitory at the Universum College.
– Three meals a day
– Organizing activities after 16:00

Conditions of participation:
– Be at the age of 8-18 years


The right to apply have all candidates aged from 8 to 18 years. Application is made by completing the application form which you can get to the office for external relations at Universum College in Ulpiana or you may download the application and send it to info@universum-ks.org

Application online: here

After the application the payment is made in the following bank account:


Raiffeisen BANK  UNIVERSUM –  1501001007656981
TEB BANK  Aga Xhite – 20140000034818-02
BPB BANK UNIVERSUM NEN – 1304001001395490
PCB BANK N.T.P. AGA XHITE –  1170126797000185

More detailed information you can get to the Office for Foreign Relations at Universum College in Upliana or at the address below: info@universum-ks.org;