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Research Projects

Research Projects

Research Projects

Universum College has conducted several research projects such as:

Institute for Development Policy (INDEP) in association with Universum College has conducted a field survey on the national elections of 2014. The purpose of this study was to define the Kosovar voters with regard to their motivation and  voting preferences .
This survey analyzes the motivation of voters for public policies in Kosovo without prejudicing their party preferences.

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INDEP_Public Policy Report

Career Office at Universum College  has conducted research for 4494 job vacancies , in order to provide relevant information about the employment opportunities in Kosovo and at the same time to identify which are the sectors that offer the most jobs and skills that employers seek to potential candidates.

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Hulumtim Vendet e lira te punes2013

Institute for Development Policy (INDEP) and Universum College (Universum) conducted field surveys, in order to define people’s motivation regarding their voting preferences. The question that we have made includes political issues which are discussed in the elections. This report focuses on respondents’   responses regarding the internal political aspects and how it affects the decision of the voters about elections.

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INDEP_Politics and ElectionsJune 2014

The project aims to show choices of political ideologies, political parties with regard to the solution of  the social problems of society. Every political and ideological choice means different political ideologies, political systems and different political developments in which existing and potential political parties should be concerned.

Observations on Kosovo Youth29 Korrik 2010

Business Outlook is a 10-year research project, which is aimed to measure trends  and shifts on an annual basis in the business environment in Kosovo. Business Outlook contributes to the advancement of staff and students. On the one hand, Universum students realize complex data collection needed for the construction of qualitative analysis, while staff on the basis of relevant data complements the quantitative data with qualitative analysis. Furthermore, the Business Outlook presents current business performance and predicts weaknesses and business challenges. Business Outlook is published at the beginning of each year, which presents to business community, foreign investors and public institutions the current trends and movement of business performance of the business sector in Kosovo, by helping them to clarify policies and relax their intervention in business.

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Business Outlook Final28 Korrik 2010

Employment Barometer is also an 10-year research project, which aims to measure trends and shifts in the labor market in Kosovo. This barometer is published once a year and it is realized based on the work of students and academic staff analysis. Furthermore, Employment Barometer presents the current indicators in the labor market in Kosovo and predicts the weaknesses of that. Moreover,  Employment Barometer informs policymakers, private investors, business owners, etc., on the steps that are needed to upgrade the existing challenges, as well as on the implementation of future interventions that are needed to overcome predicted challenges.

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Barometri i punesimit 20132013
Barometri i Punesimit Final2010

Series of Policy Analysis -is a summary of research works that discusses, measure, analyze, and tests the  current challenges of the business environment in Kosovo. This series contributes to the enhancement, and to some extend, innovation of the debate on  business policy in Kosovo and to interference the global business trends in business performance in Kosovo. The Series of Policy Analysis  aims to inform policy-makers and academics for  business perspective and weaknesses in Kosovo, and also, commits to provide solutions to the policies from the best practices of the most developed economies.

Each analysis of this series goes through a rigorous scientific review (peer-review procedure) conducted by the International Committee of Scientific Research at Universum, in which each author express his views based on policy values. Each complete analysis of this series, published by Universum College Press and made public online. ‘Business in Kosovo’ Policy Brief Series is the first of its kind in Kosovo, and strongly promoted the study of policy, from both views, first from the standpoint of the market, and secondly that the government, as a means of was well-informed and capable to address the rational policy solutions. Furthermore, each completed series is published online by Universum College Press. ‘Business in Kosovo’  is the first one in Kosovo, which strongly promotes the study of policy, from both point of views, first from the market’s viewpoint, and secondly from government’s viewpoint, as a way to be well-informed and capable to address the rational policy solutions.


During June and July of 2009, the Academic and Professional Development Division and (10) students from the Department of Public Administration and International Relations conducted a research with 1003 respondents on “Characteristics of leadership in Kosovo” in the region of Prishtina, Prizren, Peja, Gjakova, Ferizaj, Mitrovica, Gjilan and in some other localities where livers the communities such as: Fushe Kosova, Ljubizhda and Gora.

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Karakteristikat e Lidershipit28 Korrik 2010