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Scientific Research

Scientific Research

Scientific Research Department is the central pillar of the international vision of Universum College. This department is an innovation at the higher education market in Kosovo because is dedicated for scientific research and its publication in international publishing houses.

Scientific Research Department conduct research in four areas:

  1. Business Management in Eastern Europe,
  2. Public finance in transition countries with regard to the Western Balkan countries,
  3. Business administration in transitional economies, and
  4. Public administration in the process of European integration in Kosovo.

Periodical publication:

  1. Employment Barometer – measures the trends and dynamics of movement in the labor market in Kosovo,
  2. Business Outlook – measures the movements and dynamics of businesses perception in Kosovo.

Furthermore, we publish periodical of international research conference organized each year by Universum College in which are presented the scientific research of doctoral students from the universities of Western Europe and America.

Apart from periodic publications, Research Department also publishes other publications in the form of Working Paper series and supports staff of the University to publish in international scientific journals.

Scientific Research Department has drafted Scientific Research Strategy from 2009-1014. Scientific Research strategy sets out the strategic steps of research activity / scientific research, the findings of the research objectives, as well as the internationalization of research.

A brief overview of the features of research strategy at Universum:

We intend to publish scientific papers of high quality developed by our academic and external researchers. Research should be published in renowned international scientific journals. In this line, we have selected a number of scientific reviewers (based on the principle of ‘double-blinded peer-reviewer “), who will control the quality of scientific papers published by Universum. In the period of three months, we have conducted the first scientific research strategy, which included drafting and adoption of a number of policy research / scientific research, which define the quality standards and editing procedures.

The aim of this department is to publish research known worldwide. Therefore, we have connected Universum with external researchers, who work as lecturers and researchers at the renowned academic institutions. In addition, we aim to establish the scientific journal ‘Journal of Balkans Economic Policy Research’, in which  the editorial board will be composed of renowned researchers from Western Europe and the US.