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International Business


BA in Business and Management aims to:

  • Promote enthusiasm in academic studies, alongside both national and international business and the effective management of both types of business.
  • Offers a course that is intellectually challenging, that will develop intellectual abilities and analytical skills of students, integrated within the frame of business.
  • Offers a coherent program of study in the fundamental aspects of business, allowing students to achieve either a broad understanding of business, or focus on a particular aspect of business.
  • Encourage students to understand and analyze the organizational aspects of business, develop decision-making abilities and assess the motives that play a role in the stability and actions of individuals in groups and organizations.
  • Develop the skills required to work in a team, and the competency required for a program of study in both the fundamental and relevant aspects of the business world.
  • Offers an understanding of the theory and practical aspects of business in different environments.

BA in International Business
Code Profile: International Business ECTS Type Semester
First year
1 Fundamentals of Management 6 C Winter
2 Economics I (Microeconomics) 6 C Winter
3 Quantitative Methods I (Math) 6 C Winter
4 Research Methods 4 C Winter
5 Academic Writing/English Academic Writing 4 C Winter
6 English I 4 O Winter
7 Economics II (Macroeconomics) 6 C Spring
8 Bazat e Kontabilitetit 6 C Spring
9 Quantitative Methoids II (Statistics) 6 C Spring
10 Social Responsibilities and Ethics 4 C Spring
11 Communication Skills 4 C Spring
12 English II 4 C Spring
Second Year
1 Marketing 6 C Winter
2 Financial Accounting 6 C Winter
3 Human Resource Management 4 C Winter
4 Entrepreneurship and Management of SMEs 6 C Winter
5 European Economic Integration 4 C Winter
6 English III 4 C Winter
7 Organizational Behavior 6 C Spring
8 Corporate Finance 6 C Spring
9 Leadership and Negociation 4 C Spring
10 Science, Technology and Innovation 4 C Spring
11 English  IV 4 C Spring
12 Internship program and career guidance 6 C Spring
Third year – International Business
1 International Business 6 C Winter
2 International Financial Markets 6 C Winter
3 International Trade 6 C Winter
4 Global Economy 6 C Winter
5 International political economy 6 O Winter
6 Economy of South-Eastern Europe 6 C Winter
7 European Political Economy 6 C Winter
Elective International Marketing Management 6 O Winter
International Human Resource Management 4 O Spring
Elective from other profiles 4 O Spring
8 Disertation 10 C Spring

Students employment

Employment Sector employment Relations with studies Average Salary
Yes No Public Private International NGOs Local NGOs It is related A little Not related
BM Department 35% 65% 18% 82% 67% 23% 10% 353.35 €