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KosICT Recap – Tech festival fused with entrepreneurial enthusiasm

Postuar më: 04/11/2016

The KosICT – Tech Festival – started 5 years ago as a regional conference with the aim to bring the global IT trending topics to the Balkans. Throughout the years, KosICT expanded to become one of the most attractive events promoting the latest and greatest technology trends, innovations and opportunities. Held on November 28-30 at the Red Hall, KosICT annual tech event for the 5th time covered a range of topics from the latest technology and entrepreneurial trends reflecting success stories to current Kosovo and international. Additionally, on the 29th of November the e-sport fans had the opportunity to participate and enjoy the eSports CS:GO Championship held in Teatri Oda.

KosICT16 not only gave a chance the participants to get introduced to business development opportunities, but also learn from the stories of some of the most prominent leader figures. The attendees enjoyed the showcases of Kosovo’s and international tech companies while taking advantage of the access to network with entrepreneurs, investors, corporate leaders, and innovators.

 #KosICT16 highlighted many diverse activities; however most of the attention was given to:

  • SEE Outsourcing & Startup Fair
  • eSports CS:GO Championship
  • KosICT Business Lounge
  • KosICT Nights

Red and Blue stage: To make the event more interesting, KosICT16 team decided to split the event in two stages so all the themes and topics could be covered within the two days. These two stages reflected every cell of the event. The attendees could either choose one stage or move based on the topics of their interest.

Very well-known Kosovo figures honored the organizers and participants through opening remarks. Kadri Veseli (Head of Assembly of Kosovo), Blerand Stavileci (Minister of Economic Development in Kosovo) and Mentor Sahiti (Chariman of Board, STIKK) introduced the important of ICT in the business sector and also our daily lives.

Speakers: Our guest speakers were the face of this tech festival, honoring us with their influence, success and motivation. Speakers like: Agron Dida (Zgjoi), Alan Greenberg (Apple 8GT fund), Amy Cosper(Entrepreneur Magazine), Didier Tranchier (Adelit), Gjergj Demiraj (Gutenberg Technology), Ivan Burazin (Codeanywhere), Labinot Bytyqi (Solaborate Hello), Leutrim Blakaj (Highlights VC), Marcin Malinowski (Google), Mark Turrell Vorck & Orsasci), Mergim Cahani (Gjirafa.com), Peter Hopwood ( Hopwood communications), Monica Mikac (Rimac Automobile), Tugoe Ergul (Angel Labs), Hava Maloku (LinkedIn) and many more englightened the audience with their experiences success stories.

Startup Fair – was one of the highlights the whole tech festival. Throughout the two days, the startup representatives managed to show their dedication and passion towards entrepreneurship and positive change. These young entrepreneurs constantly introduced their ideas to investors, speakers, business angels and other participants. Beside the networking breaks and learning by the on-stage presentations, they had the opportunity to get engaged and share their perspectives towards current tech trends.

Networking Break – Gave the chance to participants of different backgrounds to have face-to-face meet ups with our speakers. During these sessions business people could network, exchange future ideas and develop collaboration opportunities in the business lounge or in other areas of the building.

KosICT topics: This year the KosICT team made sure to deliver a special Tech Festival experience through introducing to the participants many topics such as: Digital Marketing, Startup & Funding, Big Data, eSports and edTech,

Discussion Panels – What a great opportunity to get the attention and engagement of both parties: the speakers and audience. Our guests had debates, discussions and communication with the public, while sharing their broad perspectives in each topic of their interest. Both the Blue and Red stage were set on fire during these panels considering the warm participation of everyone. Some of the topics discussed in these panels were:

Red Stage:

  • The future of startup & funding ecosystem.
  • The Importance of Big Data in Improving everyday life.
  • How edTech is transforming the world of education.
  • How Digital Marketing is replacing the traditional media.

Blue Stage:

  • Latest Investment Trends in Technology
  • Evolution of eSports from basements to selling out big arenas.

1st Day: The opening remarks were followed by the fireside chat between Shpend Ahmeti and Amy Cosper the vice president and editor-in-chief of Entrepreneur Media Inc. The two of them showed their leading viewpoints, their challenges and journey towards success.

Our very dear celebrity host, Mr. Peter Hoopwood enlightened us with his great energy and enthusiasm throughout the whole event. He showed his great care for the audience while presenting his tricks on public speaking and communication with the others

2nd Day – was dedicated to fans and people who are interested in edtech, esports and digital marketing. Many speakers, guests, volunteers and participants who joined us the first day, decided to continue attending the second #KosICT16 day. Beside the overall sessions, the KosICT team made sure to keep other people who were present updated with the news through live updates on social media.

3rd Day – Esports enthusiasts spent most of their weekend at Teatri Oda participating and enjoy watching the eSports CS:GO Championship. Teams from all over the regions bottled each other and took a chance to win the KosICT CS:GO Championship.

KosICT Nights: To make the Tech Festival even more attractive and fulfilling, the organizers had set up the great evenings, where the participants and everyone else could meet our speakers in person at different bars of Prishtina. Each bar had speakers covering specific KosICT topics where questions, answers and comfortable conversations could be elaborated. The topics were scattered based on the following bars:

Digital Marketing at Morena
Startup & Funding at Soma Book Station
Big Data at Bamboo Bar
eSports at MIQT Pub
edTech at Dit’ e Nat’

Organized by STIKK in partnership with ICK and  Kolegji Universum, KosICT16 – Tech Festival – proved to be a source of great network opportunities between the participants, business and political leaders, international and regional entrepreneurs. This event promoted technology, scientific thinking, and innovation throughout the region. Breakout discussions, presentation sessions, lunch breaks and startup fair gave life to the festival while promoting positive change. Every attendee had the chance  to enjoy the ideas and mindset of successful entrepreneurs about their past failures and lessons learned. The celebration of entrepreneurs, startups, innovation, community, and mindfulness has inspired the KosICT team to continue with the next KosICT17 organization.