Universum College

Universum College was established in March 2005, in Prishtina (the capital city) and Ferizaj (the second largest and one of the most economically developed city in Kosovo).  The college is a higher education provider accredited by the Kosovo Agency of Accreditation with the evaluation conducted by international experts. Its’ strategic planning, curriculum, and quality assurance system were appreciated by these experts. It is renowned for its academic background, research facilities, and the international opportunities offered to its students and academic staff. It is a center for scholarship, research, and creative activity involving the creation, testing, and dissemination of knowledge, understanding, and techniques. 


Universum College throughout consecutive years has developed and advanced a strategy that aims at increasing its structures. The College strives for excellence in fulfilling its central and primary purposes of teaching, scholarship, and research and places emphasis on the quality of teaching. Its mission is to provide high quality and affordable educational services to Kosovar, regional and international students. Through excellence in teaching, lifelong learning, applied research, and partnership building its aim is to  by prepare students to be successful, responsible citizens, and to support economic development in Kosovo and the region.

The means for achieving our mission are:

  • offering sound education for Kosovar, regional and international students;
  • maintaining and developing standards of core excellence for the future of our students’ success and providing the means to achieve these goals;
  • promoting applied research;
  • continuing to develop innovative and flexible educational approaches that serve student needs;
  • revealing the scientific-inspirational values ​​in student behavior;
  • encouraging  personal and social development of students through extra-curricular activities;
  • developing the College as a center of lifelong learning;
  • providing support programs to help students achieve their goals;
  • promoting partnerships and international programs;
  • enabling students to recognize and evaluate world cultures;
  •  leading the creation of partnerships that promote the economic development of the region;
  •  producing a stimulating structure that promotes research and innovation on issues or interests for local and regional economies.

Our values

Academic excellence

Teaching excellence and academic freedom


Critical independence, creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Integrity and Responsibility

Responsibility, transparency, sincerity, and honesty.


Public service and good citizenship, collegiality, teamwork and mutual respect.

Management and Governance

Organizational Structure

Management and Governance

College Statute is the highest normative act in Universum College which regulates the organization, functioning, procedures, academic and student issues. Universum College is governed by:

(1) The Board of Directors

(2) Academic Council

(3) The Chief Executive Officer

(4) and other bodies as defined by this Statute.

The functions of the main governing bodies are regulated on the principles of respecting normative acts, academic freedom, refraining from political agendas, and respecting the standards and higher academic rights.

Partners and Associates