Akademia Anti Plagiarism

Universum College from October 2019 has started using the Akademia Platform, the first anti-plagiarism system in the Albanian language, to identify plagiarism in master theses, diploma theses, seminar papers and various student assignments. This system has been used for the first time in controlling for and identifying plagiarism in the scientific papers of students submitted for participation in the third volume of the Journal of Student Research of Universum College.

The use of this system is made possible within the project “Technology Based Plagiarism Prevention” which is funded by the US Embassy in Kosovo, as part of University Support Grants. The project, among other things, aims at raising the awareness of students and academic staff of Universum College and all institutions of higher education in Kosovo on the importance and different ways of avoiding plagiarism in higher education. Universum College is the only private higher education institution in Kosovo to have benefited from this grant.

All interested Staff or Students, for the platform Anti-Plagiarism Academy click on the link below: