Business and Management


The Bachelor of Arts in Business and Management program equips students with fundamental theoretical and practical business knowledge and techniques.  It encompasses skills essential for strategic planning, decision-making, communicating and controlling business and management activities.

The BA in Business & Management program aims to:

  • Advance and transfer the basic knowledge of management and the relevant disciplines through the applications in either private or public sector;
  • Develop and enhance student’s writing skills, leadership, entrepreneurship and communications skills;
  • Facilitate the development of students’ critical and analytical skills
  • Assess business organizations, their decision–making process and sensitivity to motives which determine attitudes and behaviors of individuals and groups in organizations;
  • Provide a theoretical and applied understanding of the diversity of the business environment;
  • Offer choices, within the program, that permit students to develop interests in specific areas to the study of business and relevant to career aspirations;
  • Provide an educational background to encourage further studies and lifelong learning to support career aspirations.
Semester I
1MEssentials of Management36186
2MEconomics I (Microeconomics)36186
3MQuantitative Methods I (Math)36186
4MAcademic Writing36186
5MEFL I36186
Semester II
1MEconomics II (Macroeconomics)36186
2MBusiness Research Methods36186
3MQuantitative Methods II (Statistics)36186
4ESocial Responsibility and Ethics36186
5EOrganizational Communication36186
6MEFL II36186
Semester III
2MFinancial Accounting36186
3MHuman Resources Management36186
4MEuropean Economic Integrations36186
5MEFL III36186
Semester IV
1MOrganizational Behavior36186
2MLeadership and Negotiations36186
3MManagement Accounting36186
4MEFL IV36186
5MInternship Program and Career Orientation48248
Semester V
1E Science, Technology and Innovation36186
2MInternational Business36186
3MManagement of Information Systems36186
4EStrategic Management36186
5MProject Management36186
6MEFL V36186
Semester VI
Nr.M/ESpecialization: ManagementLEECTS
1MEntrepreneurship and SME Management36186
2Strategic Management36186
3ECorporate Finance36186
4MEFL VI36186
5MGlobal Economy36186
6EInternational Trade36186
7EKnowledge, Learning and Management36186
8EE-Business for Managers36186
9EInternational Trade36186
10EIntellectual Property Law36186
Semester V
1MPublic Finance and Budget Planning36186
2MFinancial Analysis36186
3ERisk Management36186
4MAuditing and Investigation36186
Semester VI
1MCorporate Finance36186
2MBanking and Financial Institutions36186
3MInternational Financial Markets36186
4EFinancial Planning and Reporting36186
5MEFL VI36186
6EGame Theory36186
7EPersonal Finance36186

As already mention, this program aims to help students to be equipped with the key functions of management, as well as transferable skills and their application in either the private or public sector. The Bologna System along with ECTS system, it is intended to lead to greater inter-institutional cooperation and increased links with other universities ACROSS Europe and The U.S.

In their career path, through this program students will be able execute job positions that require: a) a clear sense of the organizational environment and readiness to take on employment in a management position; b) in-depth knowledge of modern approaches to business management; c) an understanding of the relationship between people, organizations, and business management in different organizational structures; d) an understanding of financial requirements for business, including published financial information, and an ability to make judgments about financial performance companies; e) an understanding of the central importance of innovation in a range of different organizational contexts – entrepreneurial startup firms, small firms and other organizations, and large business corporations; and, f) an understanding of the broader social context of the world of work, and the opportunity to assess their own personal development needs to help their focus in their career in the future

Dual studies are programs that combine academic studies with professional training or practical experience in a company and enable easier entry into the job market.
Universum College offers dual studies, where students are provided with full study funding, three years of internship and guaranteed employment in these companies in the following departments: Computer Science, Business and Management, German Language and Integrated Design.

So far, Universum College offers dual studies with these companies:

Vision Agency
Albina Dyla Company
Universum College is constantly contacted by various institutions to form partnerships and professional collaborations that aim to contribute to the economy and development of sectors in Kosovo. Therefore, Universum College is looking for quality partners to launch and implement projects that foster positive change in society and enhance the skills and knowledge of the younger generations. The dual study program enables Universum College students to continue their academic studies while working in a company / institution in their respective field. This enables students to obtain academic degrees and professional experience.

Universum College will soon launch other dual study programs with very prestigious local and international companies.

Tutoring services


The purpose of each tutorial:
The purpose of each tutorial is to help students develop strategies that help them strengthen their knowledge, develop transferable learning skills, and achieve academic success. The role of a tutor is to enable students to do their job using the best way of learning. The ultimate goal is to help students discover how he or she learns best and to help students develop their skills to achieve the best educational outcomes. If students need additional support and academic assistance tutors are informed. immediately.
Thus, students’ academic performance is closely monitored

Student Activities


We remain committed that in addition to lectures, we also make off-campus visits so that students can see how the various institutions of the country function.

Study visits to institutions


During this visit we had the opportunity to meet and listen to a lecture by the Cabinet of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora and by the Director for EU Relations, Mr. Visit Fetaj.

Study visits to companies


Student visits to large companies are continuing! Students are taking a closer look at how these companies operate, their products and the challenges they faced during the pandemic.

Coffee Lecture Series


These sessions together with speakers from various fields are continuing every week with the sole purpose that our students learn from the practices of professionals and why not even follow their own path to create something good for society.

To be admitted to this program, interested students must apply for enrollment at Universum College. Upon admission to Universum College, students are automatically provided with the opportunity to pursue a third year of bachelor studies at Northampton University in England.

To continue their studies at Northampton University, candidates must meet the following conditions:

  • complete 2 years of studies at Universum College;
  • complete all exams of the first and second year (120 ECTS)

In addition, students who are currently completing their first or second year at the bachelor level at Universum College, may choose to continue their third year at Northampton University in England under this program.

Also, students who have completed the first or second year of studies at other public and/or private universities, and want to transfer their studies to Universum College, are eligible to continue the third year at Northampton University in England.

Assoc. Prof. Filip Ruxho

Academic director of Business and Management Department at Universum College