Dual Studies

Dual studies are programs that combine academic studies with professional training or practical experience in a company and enable easier entry into the labor market.
Universum College offers dual studies, where students are offered full study funding, internships over three years and guaranteed employment in these companies in the departments of: Computer Science, Business and Management, German Language and Integrated Design.
So far Universum College offers dual studies with these companies:

  • Vision Agency
  • Fox Group
  • Albina Dyla Company

Universum College has often been targeted by different institutions to form partnerships and professional collaborations aiming to contribute to the economy and development of sectors Hence, Universum College actively seeks qualitative and prestigious partners to launch and implement projects that foster positive changes, contribute to the development of society and enhance the skills and knowledge of young generations. Dual studies program enables students at Universcum College to pursue academic degree studies while working in a company/institution of their relevant filed. This enables students to obtain both academic degrees and professional experience. A recent dual study program was launched with Vision Agency.

Vision agency, a growing company operating in IT field offers a variety of services both nationally and internationally. Having, prosperous partners in Switzerland and Germany, Vision Agency is the leading company in Kosovo which exports services and products to Western Europe and beyond. Consequently, Vision agency is ranked amongst the most prestigious employers which offers above the standard conditions and salary to the youth of Kosovo.

Universum College has redesigned its curricula according to the needs and demand of the local and global market. Universum College updated its curricula by bringing more innovative, practical as well as entrepreneurial subjects. Curricula is designed in cooperation with experts of the respective fields and Vision Agency. Now courses offered Universum College directly equip students with necessary skills and knowledge to enable them to work for coherent companies such is Vision Agency.

As a final stage of our partnership, Universum College has introduced a scholarship program. In this program Vision Agency finances 20 youngsters’ education at Universum College. These scholarship winners, sign contracts with Universum College and Vision Agency. Contract requires 20 hours per week volunteering at Vision agency throughout the studies at Universum College. Upon the completion of studies, students sign 2-year regular employment contract at Vision Agency.

Shortly, Universum College will launch other dual study programs with respective local and international companies.