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Program description

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UNI – Universum International College intertwines academic excellence with global empowerment through its partnership with Arizona State University, an institution known for its innovation and commitment to building leaders of the future. Taking advantage of the respective strengths of both institutions, this partnership creates and offers co-branded programs and degrees that contribute to the formation of UNI's academic identity. Above all, we ensure that our students receive an educational curriculum in accordance with the most advanced standards set by this globally recognized institution.

Learn and gain hands-on experience in the latest laboratory techniques and technologies, as well as a solid grounding in the scientific principles underlying human health. Start your journey to a successful career creating new solutions to global health challenges in Laboratory Biomedicine!

Reasons to study in this program UNI?

Studies with American Standards
Studies and Internship in 28 EU countries and Turkey with FULL ERASMUS SCHOLARSHIP
Professional internship and employment opportunities
Dual Degree Diploma & powered by Arizona State University
Dual Degree Diploma & powered by Arizona State University

Employment opportunities after graduation

Graduates in B.Sc. Medical Laboratory Science have the following employment opportunities:

  • Employment in medical laboratories
  • Employment in public and private healthcare institutions (Central and Regional Hospitals)
  • Opening of your own laboratory center



First year
Semester I Semester II
No. Subject ECTS No. Subject ECTS
1 General Chemistry 6 1 General Organic Chemistry 6
2 Human Anatomy, Histology and Physiology 6 2 General Biochemistry 6
3 Biophysics 3 3 Analytical Chemistry 6
4 Cell Biology 6 4 Biomedical Informatics 6
5 Biomedical Analytics I 6 5 Academic Writing and Research Methods 3
6 Toxicological Chemistry 3 6 English Language 3
7 Quality control and assurance in laboratory 3 7 German Language 3
Second year
Semester III Semester IV
No. Subject ECTS No. Subject ECTS
1 Biomedical Analytics II 6 1 Physical Methods in Biochemistry 76
2 Human Genetics 6 2 Clinical Biochemistry 6
3 Advanced Principles of Biochemistry* 6 3 Immunology with Immunochemistry 6
4 Phlebotomy 6 4 Microbiology with Parasitology 6
5 Elementary Physical Chemistry* 3 5 Biostatistics 3
6 Biomedical Genetics 3 6 Psychotropic Drugs and Drug Abuse 3
7 Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in Biomedical Sciences 3 7 Plant Biotechnology and Human Health 3
Third year
Semester V Semester VI
No. Subject ECTS No. Subject ECTS
1 Laboratory Work (practice) 6 1 Basics of Transfusion Medicine and Transplantation 6
2 Clinical Hematology 6 2 Cellular and Tissue Cultures 6
3 Molecular Biology Techniques in Medicine 6 3 Techniques in Diagnostic Virology 3
4 Clinical Microbiology 6 4 Bioethics 3
5 Pathology and Histopathology 3 5 Master Thesis 10
6 Project Work 3 6 Emergency Laboratory Diagnosis 3
7 Business Economics and the Biomedical Industry 3 7 Biomedical Engineering and Medical Devices 3

Registration requirements

  • Registration Criteria
  • To enroll in our programs, all applicants must submit ONLINE or physically the following documents:
  • ● Birth certificate
  • ● High school diploma
  • ● Grade slips for cl. 10, 11 and 12
  • ● Matriculation test certificate
  • Legalized documents issued by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology of the Republic of Kosovo for all those who have completed their education outside the Republic of Kosovo.

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