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MA in Diplomacy

Uresa Vllasa
Last Update May 29, 2024
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Program description

UNI – Universum International College intertwines academic excellence with global empowerment through its partnership with Arizona State University, një institucion i njohur për inovacionin dhe përkushtimin e tij për të ndërtuar liderët së ardhmes. Transform your passion for politics and diplomacy into a fulfilling career with our Master of Diplomacy program!

Study the political phenomena, to know the diplomatic and political context in which people live in Kosovo, the region and the world, the economy and international relations. Start your journey to a successful career in Diplomacy today!

Reasons to study in this program

  1. Studies and Internship in 28 EU countries and Turkey with FULL ERASMUS SCHOLARSHIP
  2. Professional internship and employment opportunities
  3. Dual Degree Diploma & powered by Arizona State University
  4. Dual Degree Diploma & powered by Arizona State University
  5. Access to the Arizona State University curriculum

Employment opportunities after graduation

Diplomacy graduates have the following employment opportunities:

  • Employment in public governing institutions as a diplomat/politician (political offices, government agencies, public administration)
  • Employment in local and international organizations such as Diplomats, Public Opinion Analyst, Legislative Assistant, Activist, Special Interest Advocate, etc.
  • Opening your political party



First year
Semester I Semester II
No. Subject ECTS No. Subject ECTS
1 History of Diplomacy (O) 8 1 Diplomacy: Theory and Practice (O) 8
2 International Relations and Security (O) 8 2 Recent Issues in Global Politics (O) 8
3 International Organizations and Institutions (O) 7 3 International Law (Z) 7
4 Research Methods (O) 5 4 Middle East Policy (Z) 7
Second year
Semester III Semester IV
No. Subject ECTS No. Subject ECTS
1 Diplomatic Protocol (O) 8 1 Internship/Practical work 10
2 Foreign Policy and Diplomacy of Kosovo (O) 8 2 Master's Thesis 20
3 Common Foreign and Security Policy of the EU 7
4 Public Diplomacy 7


STUDIES FUNDED BY BUSINESSES Universum College in cooperation with partner companies offers dual studies according to the German concept, through which students benefit:
  • 100% financing of studies for 2 years
  • Professional internship from the first year
  • Semestral exchange with full scholarship in 221 universities, 26 European countries
  • Guaranteed employment after graduation
  • Win a SCHOLARSHIP for 2 years of study and start your career now by applying here

Registration requirements

  • Registration Criteria
  • To enroll in our programs, all applicants must submit ONLINE or physically the following documents:
  • ● Birth certificate
  • ● Bachelor's degree and transcript of grades
  • ● Valid English language certification
  • ● Passing the interview stage with the admissions committee at Universum College
  • Legalized documents issued by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology of the Republic of Kosovo for all those who have completed their education outside the Republic of Kosovo.

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Uresa Vllasa

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