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MSc. in Data Science

Xhelal Jashari
Last Update April 11, 2024
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Program overview

At UNI - Universum International College, we are committed to furnishing our students with an immersive educational experience that integrates the knowledge and resources of ASU, preparing them to excel in a dynamic and unpredictable world. ASU's curriculum and resources play a crucial role in enhancing the quality of education at UNI, continuously improving local programs. By integrating these resources, UNI ensures that its students have access to the latest advancements and best practices in their respective fields. The collaboration surpasses conventional methods by implementing novel initiatives by integrating in-person engagements with digital learning elements, thereby mirroring the dynamic characteristics of contemporary education.Transform your passion for data management into a fulfilling career with our Master's in Data Science program!

Learn the latest techniques, join the initiative to develop analytical capabilities and adaptability in the field of data science and analytics. Start your journey to a successful career in Data Science today!

Reasons to study in this program

  1. Studies with American Standards
  2. Studies and Internship in 28 EU countries and Turkey with FULL ERASMUS SCHOLARSHIP
  3. Professional internship and employment opportunities
  4. Dual Degree & Empowered from Arizona State University
  5. Access to the Arizona State University curriculum

Employment opportunities after graduation

Data Science graduates have the following employment opportunities:

  • Employment in corporations, agencies, institutions, large local and international companies
  • Employment as a Data Specialist, Data Engineer, Data Analyst, Statistician, Software Developer
  • Opening your company in providing services for data management and analysis



First year
Semester ISemester II
1Data programming71Machine Learning6
2Mathematics for data science82Distributed big data analytics6
3Artificial intelligence83● Business Intelligence ● Deep learning and reinforcement learning ● Distributed systems ● Marketing Management7
4Data Privacy and Ethics7
Second year
Semester IIISemester IV
1Semantic Data Web Technologies81Project in Data Science (Work practice)10
2Research Seminars and Methodology82Master's Thesis20
3Data management and visualization7
4Social and Web Data Mining7
5Data Science for Economics7
6Business Strategy and Environment7
7Project Management7


STUDIES FUNDED BY BUSINESSES Universum College in cooperation with partner companies offers dual studies according to the German concept, through which students benefit:
  • 100% financing of studies for 2 years
  • Professional internship from the first year
  • Semestral exchange with full scholarship in 221 universities, 26 European countries
  • Guaranteed employment after graduation
  • Win a SCHOLARSHIP for 2 years of study and start your career now by applying here

Registration requirements

  • To enroll in our programs, all applicants must submit ONLINE or physically the following documents:
  • ● Birth certificate
  • ● Bachelor's degree and transcript of grades
  • ● Valid English language certification
  • ● Passing the interview stage with the admissions committee at Universum College
  • Legalized documents issued by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology of the Republic of Kosovo for all those who have completed their education outside the Republic of Kosovo.

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