Diploma Gjermane


Double degree with Ludwigshafen University
of Business and Society in Germany

The Master of Business Administration study program is a two-year double degree program offered jointly by Universum College in Kosovo and Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society in Germany. Within this program, studies begin at Universum College and end at Ludwigshafen University. Upon completion of studies in this program, students are equipped with a German MBA degree in International Business Management from Ludwigshafen University and a second Master of Arts degree in Management from Universum College.

Program Plan

The program consists of ten modules, 4 of which are offered by Universum College in Pristina, 3 by Ludwigshafen University in Germany and 3 more offered by both institutions together.

Accreditation and Diploma

Germany is one of the most popular destinations for students from all over the world. The number of international students in Germany in 2015 was over 300 thousand. The largest number of international students study Economics and Computer Science. Most of these students come from the United States of America and Europe.

Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society is one of the most international and quality universities in Germany. Only 20% of applicants to this university are accepted to continue their studies, while the number of international students is one of the highest in Germany. The reasons why so many international students choose this university are listed below:


The German education system is one of the best in the world


The degree from Ludwigshafen University has an extremely high reputation


The German degree from Ludwigshafen Univeristy is recognized and appreciated all over the world


Studying in Ludwigshafen offers opportunities to meet and socialize with students from all over the world


Germany is located in the middle of the continent of Europe, making it possible to easily visit other countries of the European Union

Local and international accreditations

The Master's Program in International Business Management is accredited by the prestigious agency AQAS (agency for quality assurance of study programs) and by the Kosovo Accreditation Agency (AKA).

Application and Registration

To be admitted to the program, interested students must apply for registration at Universum College. Upon admission to Universum College, students are automatically granted the opportunity to continue the second year of master's studies at Ludwigshafen University (semester 3 and 4).

To continue the second year of studies in Ludwigshafen, candidates must meet the following conditions:

Have a bachelor's degree
Have professional work experience (preferably at least one year of work experience after completing bachelor's studies)
• Know the English language at level B2 or higher according to the Common European Framework of Languages, or according to any other acceptable certificate, as all courses in Ludwigshafen will be offered in English. (Note: knowledge of the English language is not necessary for admission to Universum College, it can be learned during the first year of studies as a condition for continuing to the second year in Ludwigshafen). Acceptable proof of knowledge of the English language is also certification at the Advanced level from Anglia Examinations, which is equivalent to B2.

In addition, students who are currently finishing their first year at the master's level at Universum College can choose to continue their second year in Ludwigshafen within this program. Also, students who have completed their first year of studies at other public and private universities and want to transfer their studies to Universum College can continue them in Ludwigshafen within the double degree program.