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Exchange Programs

Exchange Programs

Exchange Programs

Universum has various exchange programs with institutions from around the world.

Exchange programs in Universum offers opportunity for a semester of study in these institutions:


  • Chichester College, England (www.chichester.ac.uk)- English Language Studies
  • Kadir Has University, Turkey (www.khas.edu.tr/en)- Business studies, Public Administration and International Relations
  •  Ozyegin University, Turkey (www.ozyegin.edu.tr) – Business Studies
  •  GEA College, Sllovenia (www.gea-college.si)  – Business Studies and Entrepreneurship


The application can be completed online at the websites of the respective universities and must be certified by the Office of International Cooperation. Those who are interested contact arlinda@universum-ks.org

Through this program you can study a semester at one of these partner institutions and transfer your credits to Universum.

You get the same courses as other students at the institution where you go and you are a regular student. However, the exchange program does not enable you to get a degree from this university, but only by the sending university (in this case – Universum College).

In this exchange program, you do not have to pay the payment of study at the institution you choose, but you have to pay at Universum College. However, other costs such as those for life should be covered by the student, because Kosovo is not yet part of the European Union’s Erasmus LLLP. These expenses include the payment of the apartment, lifestyle, travel and visa.
Depending on the state where you go, it may cost from 1,500 to 3,500 euros per semester.
We encourage you to use all these opportunities which Universum offers.


12 scholarship in Chichester College, England
2 scholaership in Nagasaki International University
1 scholarship in University of Chichester (part of  GCN)
various annual and semester scholarships in Thailand, China, South Corea, Japan, Netherlands, Sweden and Danmark.


Since 2007, Universum College in association with Zip Travel from Macedonia, organized a program “Work and Travel” in the US. Through this program, students can work in the US during the four summer months, and also to travel to US , to one of the most developed country in the world. So far, over 120 students have benefited from this program.