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READY 2 INVEST: Join the 1st workshop for Business Angel Investors

Postuar më: 25/04/2016

What is a Business Angel: Business Angel is an investor who provides financial backing for small start-ups or entrepreneurs. Angel investors are usually found among an entrepreneur’s family and friends. The capital they provide can be a one-time injection of seed money or ongoing support to carry the company through difficult times. Kosovo Business Angels Network (KOSBAN) in cooperation with BiD Network from Netherlands will organize the workshop for its members and prospective business angels or individual investors. Workshop facilitators are experienced Angel Investors from the Netherlands.
Topics to be Covered

1. Introduction to Angel Investing – Business angels are critical as an investment source for SMEs. This introduction explains the financial spectrum for SMEs and the position of business angels, and provides the characteristics of a business angel.
2. Become an Angel – Why is it so interesting to become a business angel? What are the risks and what are the benefits? How does someone become a business angel? And how should someone identify and select investment propositions?
3. Deal Structuring and Negotiation – How to structure an investment process and how to manage a negotiation, including possible red flags for an investment. Negotiation styles are practiced and tips are shared.
4. Due Diligence – In this session, the crucial elements of due diligence are addressed, it is discussed how due diligence can be done in a smart way. Participants of this workshop will receive BiD Network’s basic verification kit.
5. Valuation – The valuation of an SME is not an easy process, in particular not for start-up companies. This module explains the importance of valuation and discusses the different methods to valuate a business.
6. Syndycation – Sometimes business angels join forces in order to hedge the risk or increase the amount to be invested. This session describes why syndication is important and how to avoid conflict between members.
7. Legal Document – This module discusses the legal process to structure a deal as well as key legal points to take into account. Various contractual documents are presented, and principles and expectations on responsibilities are discussed. This session also discusses the next round of financing, the exit and how to manage a bad investment.

Date and Time: February 20th (9:00 – 16:00) and 21st (9:00 – 13:00)

Price: €99


Contact: uran.rraci@kosban.org | 045 447 477