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Edexcel Program

Edexcel Program

Edexcel’s program is the largest body qualification in the UK that offers academic qualifications and tests in different programs that are mainly in the field of training and education profesional.Sot Edexcel’s program is offered in more than 25,000 schools secondary, colleges and universities, is present in more than 100 countries and has no less than 1.5 million students around the globe.

Edexcel’s program is the largest qualification body in the UK which provides academic qualifications in different programs, mainly in the field of training and professional education. Today, Edexcel’s program is offered in more than 25,000 secondary schools, colleges and universities, and it is present in more than 100 countries and has 1.5 million students around the globe.

Universum College is the first institute in the Balkans that provides Edexcel qualifications. Studies in Edexcel’s program will last 2 years and are equivalent to two years of University. The format of this program will be 2 + 1, where after two years students are eligible to enroll in the third year at Middlesex University or Universum  College to get a bachelor’s degree.

Universum is accredited by Edexcel to offer qualifications of 4 and 5 levels (Higher National Diploma) in Business, which will include Management’s departments, Marketing, Accounting, Business Law and Human Resources. Also, Universum College will offer  Edexcel’s program in other fields, such as in Computer Science, Game Development, Tourism and Hospitality, Creative Media, Agro-Business, etc.

The world has become more dynamic as are made students’ demands for education. Today they are requiring a program where teaching, learning and evaluation are at the cutting edge and fit their needs in order to become more competitive in the labor market. Students today require from university to provide clear objectives and detailed results that will be achieved after the completion of the program. Edexcel’s program fulfills students’ needs because it is based on a large number of scientific studies carried out in order to create a program that meets all the needs mentioned above.


What makes atractive the Edexcel program?

  • Edexcel’s program is designed to fit the needs of each student.
  • To register in this program students do not need to pass graduation test.
  • After the completion of the two years program, students can use something called “top-up” and toi conclude the last year in Middlesex University in London (lectures can be held in England or in Kosovo – at Universum College) and take Bachelor’s degree from a recognized English university. Hence, register the Edexcel’s Program in Kosovo and take Bachelor’s degree from an English university.
  • Edexcel’s program will cost € 2.400 per year, but with 50% price reduction (€ 1,200 per year) for the first generation.
  • Students who do not wish to continue the program until the end, they can be certified for the courses which have successfully past.
  • Although Edexcel’s program is in English,  this institution has decided to allow Universum  College to hold lectures in Albanian, as well.
  • The quality of this program is not measured only by us, but representative of the program will visit our campus two times a year to ensure that the quality of teaching is at the highest degree.

Qualification and Credit System in UK

The fugure below explains the qualification and credit system in the UK. Two years of Edexcel’s Program (HND and HNC) are equivalent to 2 years of the Bachelor Studies. Students who wish to continue their studies can register third year in Kosovo or England in order to be rewarded with Bachelor Degree.

The programs that will be offered in Edexcel are:

Business (with specification)

  • Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Business Law

Creative media (with specification)

  • Journalism
  • Design and Animation of Computer Games

Hospitality and Tourism Management

Computer Science and IT

EDEXCEL Program Price
Business Law
600 Euro / Semester*
Hospitality and Tourism Management 600 Euro / Semester*
Computer Science and IT 600 Euro / Semester*
Journalism 600 Euro / Semester*
Design and Animation of Computer Games 900 Euro / Semester**

*   50%  price reduction offered to the first generation (standard cost €2400)

** 50% price reduction offered to the first generation (standard cost €3600)

No. Mandatory courses Year Number of credits
1. Business Environment 1 15
2. Resource Management 1 15
3. Organization Behavior 1 15
4. Principals of Marketing 1 15
5. Aspects of Contract and Negligence in Business 2 15
6. Business Decision Making 2 15
7. Business Strategy 2 15
8. Research Projects 2 20
No. Mandatory courses Year Number of credits
1. Marketing and Intelligence 1 15
2. Managerial Accounting: Cost and Budget 1 15
3. Management Communication, Knowledge and Information 1 15
4. Human Resource Management 1 15
5. Internet and E-Business 2 15
6. Advertising and Promotion in Business 2 15
7. Marketing Planning 2 15
8. Management of Business Activities and Achieving Results 2 20
9. Personal and Professional Development 2 15
10. Training for employment 2 15
11. Work Experience 2 15
12. Small Business Enterprises 2 15
13. Business Law 2 15
14. Work and Leadership of Others 2 15
15. Financial and Audit System 2 15
16. Relationships Among Employees 2 15
17. European Laws 2 15
18. Europian Business 2 15
19. Contemporary Issues in Marketing Management 2 15