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Kosova Academy of Management (KAM)

What is Kosova Academy of Management?

This project aims to support the graduates of secondary school  from Kosovo  and to give them basic knowledge in the field of management, entrepreneurship, marketing, sales and professional career orientation. All students who pass the test will receive a certificate at the end of the training.

The project starts from:

Pristina Campus – 23 March – 27 March 2015
Gjakova campus – 30 March- 03 April 2015
Ferizaj Campus – 06 April – 10 April 2015

From 10.00 – 12.00 or 14.00 -16.00

The participation in this program is free of charge for all students. The program will be characterized by a competitive spirit and participants will be evaluated with points in order to benefit from scholarships.

  • Career orientation for graduates of secondary school
  • To introduce the graduates with profit and non-profit organization
  • Capacity building of youth regarding management
  • Developing entrepreneurial skills of graduates

The project aims to provide a program which consists  10 hour (one week) in management, marketing, basic business plan, european economic integration and career guidance along with two visits to companies and public lectures by prominent figures of the business.

Modules that will be taught are:

  • Kosovo and EU: Challenges and opportunities
  • Leadership:  features and examples
  • Intercultural mangagement- differences and similarities in culture as part of the success!
  • Public communication-  how to clearly communicate with the general public?
  • Marketing and sales- differences and similarities!
  • Entrepreneurship: why Kosovo needs more entrepreneurs than managers?
  • Business Plan- how to prepare a business plan
  • Intellectual property- its importance for the protection of copyrights and other rights
  • Innovation- why it is important for the development of a country
  • Professional development and career guidance

  • Identification of areas of study that are attractive for future graduates
  • Weekly lectures and study visits
  • Gaining knowledge from eminent speakers and with local and international experience
  • Benefiting a study scholarship
  • Gaining a sense of being a student before starting the academic process
  • Excellent preparation before the start of the study
  • Career orientation and preparation for the job market.

The right to apply for the scholarship have all graduates who are selected to participate in the KAM.

The selection of candidates will be based on the preliminary interview. In addition, the selection of candidates for the scholarship will be based on skills and knowledge shown during the training, which will be evaluated with an essay that will be given at the beginning of the program and an evaluation test at the end of the training.

The most successful participants will receive various scholarships for study at Universum for a period of 1-3 year as follows:

  • 2 most successful students get full scholarship (3 years and scholarship for a semester in UK, Slovenia and Turkey).
  •  3-6 place get full scholarship at Universum
  •  7-10 place get 50% scholarship at Universum
  •  11-20 place get 30% scholarship at Universum.
  • 21-30 place get 20% scholarship at Universum.
  • 31-100 get 10% scholarship at Universum.

All graduates interested to participate in this program must complete an application at the link below:



Email. kam@universum-ks.org
Tel. 038 555 315,
044 144 062