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Distance Studies

Distance Studies

Center for Online and Distance Studies – System of distance studies

Universum College also offers studies in distance in all Bachelor and Master programs..

Studies are conducted through e-learning platform in which students will receive:

  • Regulation of distance studies
  • Reading materials for each course
  • Recommended list of books
  • Recommended list of online resources
  • Lectures in Power Point

Also, as part of the program,  every second Saturday are organized tutorials which consis a total of 5 hours (1 hour for a course meeting). In addition, students can hold online meetings (through Skype) or face-to-face with each lecturers of this course, once within two weeks. All the meetings last half an hour.

Universum through distance studies program offers bachelor and master studies.

Bachelor Studies

  • Business and Management Program with specialization:
    • Business Management
    • Marketing and Communication
    • Banks and Finance
    • International Business
  • Public Administration, International Relation, and European Studies Program with specializations:
    • Public Administration
    • International Relation and European Studies.

Master Studies 

  • Master in Management
    • Management
    • Finance
    • International Business

All students that have registered at least one year of studies at other Higher Education Institutions have the right to transfer to Universum College.

The transfer request should be addressed to the director of the relevant program together with supporting documentation and document evidence that he / she has been a student at the institution of origin.

If students have already passed exams at the previous institutions, the transfer of credits will be accepted by the number of ECTS credits that the student has earned during the study and confirmed by the seal and signature of the person in charge of the institution from which the student comes. The document issued by the institution of higher education as proof of past exams  with the total of ECTS will be attached with the certificate of total ECTS in which Universum College will issue at the end of studies.

In accordance with Article 5 of the Law on Higher Education in the Republic of Kosovo and Electronic Governance Strategy 2009-2015, Universum College offers distance learning opportunities aiming to contribute to the further development of the intellectual, economic and social development of our society.

Wishing to continuously enable studies for those who for various reasons can not participate physically in our campuses, Universum offers the possibility of distance studies, which is possible only through various online applications. All those who are not able to be physically in our campuses and those who are abroad  and want to get knowledge and bachelor degree, they are more than welcome. This program is offered only to people who do not live in Kosovo.

Advantages of distance studies:

  • You can attend lectures at the convenient time for you
  • No physical presence is needed
  • Time available (lessons are available 24/7)
  • You can lean at home, at your work place, etc.
  • Cost reduction (reduced transport and food cost, etc)