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13 reasons to study at Universum College

13 reasons to study at Universum College

1. Each student at Universum has the possibility of continuing the third year in Middlesex University (UK) and obtained a degree from Middlesex.

2. Soon the new program will be applied:  each student enrolled, employment is guaranteed!

3. Universum has a twinning agreement with Chichester College in England: in 2011, 87 students from Universum attended summer school in England and so far 250 students have been part of Chichester in various programs.

4. Exchange programs: Each student will study a semester abroad as part of their study program in more than 40 universities worldwide.

5. New staff educated at the most renowned universities in Europe and the US

6. Studies in Albanian and English. All teachers of English are international professors.

7. Online and distance studies through e-learning

8. Central and modern locations in Ulpiana (Prishtina) , Ferizaj and Gjakova.

9. Career services and student support: each student attends professional training and career development, as well as receives daily announcements on jobs and a weekly summary of scholarships and conferences worldwide.

10. Internship: each student is placed in a company to get work experience.

11. Events and public lectures: many renown personalities talk at Universum.

12. International visiting professors, well-known names from the world of academic lecture at Universum, such as: professors from Copenhagen Business School, London School of Economics, Rotterdam School of Management, ESSEC Business School, University of Kent, University of Winchester etc.

13. Research:  publisher of international scientific journal – International Journal of Balkan Policy Research (www.balkanpolicyjournal.net) supported by the Embassy of US.