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Computer Science


Program Educational Objectives

Our graduates will:

  • be prepared with a high level of technical expertise and be employed in information technology practices at home and abroad;
  • be leaders in their field to contribute to the progress and growth of Kosovo through innovation, quality of design and automation of business operation;
  • be aware and informed about ethical responsibilities, legal and social issues in their field;
  • Have the basis to engage in ongoing studies through vocational studies or advanced graduate studies.

Bsc. in Computer Science



First year ECTS   Semester
CS100 Introduction to Programming and Web technology 5   Winter
CS 102 Theory Circus and Fundamentals of Electronic 5   Winter
  English Language 5   Winter
  Discrete Structures 6   Winter
  Matrix Methods 6   Winter
  Ethics and Technology 5   Winter
  Introduction to the structure of the data base 5   Spring
  Introduction to subject-oriented programming 5   Spring
  Introduction to Information security system 5   Spring
  Academic Writing 5   Spring
  Calculus 6   Spring
  Systems Analyses 5   Spring
                          Second Year
  Advanced Structures Database 5   Winter
  Multimedia and Graphics 5   Winter
  Operation Systems 5   Winter
  Business Writing in English 5   Winter
  Public Presentation 5   Winter
  Calculus II 6   Winter
  Algorithms and complexes 5   Spring
  Programming language C # 5   Spring
  Database Management System 5   Spring
  Introduction to Telecommunication and Information Technology Network 5   Spring
  Advanced Mathematics I 4   Spring
  The network of advanced information technology  






  Third year      
1 Application Security & Cryptography 5   Winter
2 The architecture of information technology 5   Winter
3 Artificial Intelligence 5   Winter
4 Programming Language- Java 5   Winter
5 Technology and Society 5   Winter
6 Advanced Mathematics II 4   Winter


Elective 5   Spring
8 Internship 8   Spring
9 Advanced Web Development and Web Services 5   Spring
10 Engineering of the Software 5    
11 Project engineering and design 5   Spring
12 Mobile technology 7   Spring
  Dissertation 10    


Universum College has signed an agreement with Microsoft (membership ID 1203882548), especially Microsoft DreamSpark (known as the Microsoft Academic Alliance), to use its software free for our students and staff. The software is to be used for educational and research purposes, and is directly applicable in the majority of the program’s courses. This software is aimed primarily for courses in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

In addition, Universum plans to use Open Source software, hence our students will be exposed to different technologies. In our enthusiasm and appreciation for Open Source, Universum has started discussions and aims to support community Free Libre Open Source software Kosovo (FLOSSK).