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International Relations and Diplomacy


The program is designed as a multi-disciplinary, in order to provide students with administrative basis and technics, and with knowledge in the field of public administration. It includes the essential skills for planning strategies, decision making, communication and control management activities. The study program offers general access to the first two years of study (four semesters) and specialization in the 3rd year of studies in the disciplines:

  • Public Administration;
  • International relation and European Studies.

Engagement of students in research projects offers them the opportunity to familiarize themselves with everyday issues, as well as develop their skills to understand approaches and solving such problems.

BA in International Relations and European Studies
 No ECTS Type Semesters
 First year – Specialization International Relation& ES
1 Introduction to Political Science 6 C Seminar
2 Local Government and Politics 4 C Winter
3 System of Government in Kosovo 6 C Winter
4 Methods of Social Sciences 4 C Winter
5 Academic Writing 6 C Winter
6 English I 4 C Winter
7 Comparative Politics I 5 C Spring
8 History of Political Thought 5 C Spring
9 Introduction to Political Sociology 5 C Spring
10 Introduction to Economics and Economic Policies 5 C Spring
11 Statistics for Social Research 6 C Spring
12 English II 4 C Spring
Second year – Specialization- International Relations and European Studies
1 History of the International System 6 C Winter
2 Theories of International Relations 6 C Winter
3 Economic Globalization and International Relations 6 C Winter
4 International Organizations and Politics 6 C Winter
5 English I 4 C Winter
6 Elective course 4 C Winter
7 International Law: Public and Private 6 C Spring
8 Diplomacy 6 C Spring
9 Foreign Policy Analysis 6 C Spring
10 Eastern European Politics 6 C Spring
11 English II 4 C Spring
 Third Year- PA
1 War and Peace: Actors in history, structure and processes; 6 C Winter
2 International Conflict Management and Resolution 6 C Winter
3 Security Policies 6 C Winter
4 History and theories of European Integration; 6 C Winter
5 European Union as a Regional and International Actor 4 C Winter
6 History, Structure and Functioning of the European Union 6 C Winter
7 Economic policies of the European Union (Agriculture, Trade, Competitiveness, Environment and Consumer Protection); 6 C Spring
8 Policies of the European Union (Justice, Security, Migration, Citizenship, the Schengen Agreement). 6 C Spring
9 European Law 6 C Spring
10 Disertation 8 C Spring/Summer

Students of Public Administration and International Relations have been extremely successful in finding a job after completion of their graduation. Typical employment includes embassies and consular offices in Kosovo, Ambassador and staff of the Embassy of the Republic of Kosovo in various countries, the European Union institutions and the United Nations Public Administration, Central institutions (Government, Presidency and Parliament), advice on public administration, various international organizations, analyst of international and European relations, etc. Employers expect from graduates to provide not only knowledge and expertise in a field, but they should have strong personal skills that they need to be more effective for the institution.

Students employment

Employment Sector Related to studies Average Salary
Yes No Public Private International NGOs Local NGOs Related A little Not related
Departament of PA and IR &ES 36% 64% 44% 56% 70% 10% 20% 416 euro