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BA in Business and Management aims to:
  • Promote enthusiasm in academic studies, alongside both national and international business and the effective management of both types of business.
  • Offers a course that is intellectually challenging, that will develop intellectual abilities and analytical skills of students, integrated within the frame of business.
  • Offers a coherent program of study in the fundamental aspects of business, allowing students to achieve either a broad understanding of business, or focus on a particular aspect of business.
  • Encourage students to understand and analyze the organizational aspects of business, develop decision-making abilities and assess the motives that play a role in the stability and actions of individuals in groups and organizations.
  • Develop the skills required to work in a team, and the competency required for a program of study in both the fundamental and relevant aspects of the business world.
  • Offers an understanding of the theory and practical aspects of business in different environments

 BA in Business and Management



First year

ECTS Type Semester
1 Basics of Management 6 C Winter
2 Economics I (Microeconomics) 6 C Winter
3 Quantitative methods I (Math) 6 C Winter
4 Research Methods in Social Science 4 C Winter
5 Academic Writing 4 C Winter
6 English Language I 4 C Winter
7 Economics II (Macroeconomics) 6 C Spring
8 Basics of Accounting 6 C Spring
9 Quantitative methods II (Statistics) 6 C Spring
10 Social Responsibility and Ethics 4 C Spring
11 Communication skills 4 C Spring
12 English Language II 4 C Spring
                          Second Year
1 Marketing 6 C Winter
2 Financial Accounting 6 C Winter
3 Human resource management 4 C Winter
4 Entrepreneurship and Management of SMEs 6 C Winter
5 European Economic Integration 4 C Winter
6 English Language II 4 C Winter
7 Organization Behavior 6 C Spring
8 Corporate Finance 6 C Spring
9 Leadership and Negotiation 4 C Spring
10 Science, Technology and Innovation 4 C Spring
11 English Language IV 4 C Spring
12 Internship Program and Career Orientation 6 C Spring
Third year C
1 Managerial Accounting 6 C Winter
2 International Business 6 C Winter
3 Management of Information Systems 6 C Winter
4 Strategic Management 6 C Winter
5 Project Management 6 C Winter
6 International Trade 6 C Winter




Game Theory 4 O Spring
Knowledge, Learning and Management 4 O Spring
E-Business for Managers 4 O Spring
The Law of Intellectual Rights 4 O Spring
Elective from other profiles 6 O Spring
7 Dissertation 10 C Spring

Business and Management students are exceptionally successful in finding jobs after completing their studies and graduating. This is shown by the very high number of our students that are recruited after completing this program, or even before completing their studies. More than 80% of our students are employed or are continuing their post-graduation studies in Kosovo or outside of Kosovo in European Union countries and in the United States of America. The typical professions include business consultancy, managing organizations, consulting for client services, the banking and finance sector and also the analysis of business.

Comments: Students will have an option between choosing to write a dissertation and presenting this before an academic panel (the dissertation must be up to 10,000 words), or the student will have the option to take part in a Bachelor dissertation. The Bachelor dissertation is designed for students who want to start working immediately post graduating. As a part of this project, students can write a detailed business plan, a detailed proposal for a project, or a proposal outline with recommendations for starting their business, or starting a project, from which the community will benefit, or writing a report with recommendations for an institution in Kosovo, in order to improve their services or politics for the benefit of society, respectively. Students that would like to continue their post-graduation studies can choose the option of writing a dissertation.

The success of students

Successful students of this year have praised Universum.