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Master in Management

Management, Finance and International Business 

Master in Management aims to:

  • Develop independent study abilities and research skills.
  • Apply academic knowledge gained in a critical way in a number of management disciplines
  • Develop analytical and theoretical abilities to reflect on independent thoughts.
  • To involve in a constructive way in professional practice and creative management, with the aim to result in justification, results and conclusions.
  • Advance knowledge and understanding of management and the relevant disciplines.

What distinguishes the Master’s program at Universum from other programs?

  • An extended program of scholarships and financial aid.
  • Support from the British Council in Kosovo and renowned universities worldwide
  • A unique program, offered in a modular form, with online support.
  • The opportunity to specialize in Management, Finance or International Business.
  • Professors from the best business schools in the world (see their CV’s below).
  • The option of paying in 12 installments.

The Master’s program is offered in the format of ‘blended learning’ where one part of the program is delivered long-distance, whereas one part of the program is delivered on campus. The format of the programme consists of: every subject takes place within a period of 4-6 weeks, where one of these weeks is lecture based (15 hours in total of lectures), lectures are normally delivered by professors from countries outside of Kosovo, and one week of practice (10 hours in total of practice), delivered by an assistant. The other part is dedicated for online support and individual study, working on a project or reading. After finishing this subject, the next subject begins, with the same modular system.

The lectures are held between 17:30-20:30 during week-days, and sometimes also take place on Saturday’s at 10 am. You are obliged to attend lectures, but not the practice sessions, if you feel that these are not required. The programme has 9 subjects in total, of which 5 are general and 3 are professional subjects, that depend on the field of studies you choose and one subject from another field of study. Furthermore, the final semester is dedicated to the dissertation or Bachelor dissertation. The program consists of 120 credits and lasts two years.

Code Course CreditsECTS    Semester
1  Financial Decision Making 10 Modular system
2  Managerial Economics 10 Modular system
3  Organization Behavior 10 Modular system
4  Marketing Management 10 Modular system
5  Business Strategy and Business Environment 10 Modular system
6 Research Methods 10 Modular system
  International Business    
1  International Business and Multinational Corporations 10 Modular system
2  Globalization and Kosovo 10 Modular system
3  International Marketing 10 Modular system
4  International Supply Chain 10 Modular system
5  Elective course from two other specializations 10 Modular system
6  Disertation / Project Management 20 Modular system
1  Financial Analysis 10 Modular system
2  Financial Strategy 10 Modular system
3  International Financial Markets 10 Modular system
4  Risk Management 10 Modular system
5  Elective- from two other specializations 10 Modular system
6  Disertation / Project Management 20 Modular system
1  Intercultural Management in Organizations 10 Modular system
2  Innovation and Change Management 10 Modular system
3  Project Management 10 Modular system
4  Corporate Social Responsibility 10 Modular system
5  Elective – from two other specializations 10 Modular system
6 Disertation / Project Management 20 Modular system

Qualification in one of the fields of study, mentioned previously, will widen your horizon of opportunities for a successful career, regardless of whether you are at the start of your professional life, or you have decided to take a break in your career, and find your skills and talent in a universe of new opportunities. Graduates in this field will have all of the skills required to lead positions of management in organizations and local and worldwide institutions. Employers will not only recognize your abilities and ambitions after achieving a Master’s qualification, but in addition, this title will provide you with all the competencies and skills required from professional management in the modern world.