Enterpreneurship and Innovation

Universum College is known as the most entrepreneurial HEI in Kosovo. This is due to the fact that Universum College students and staff have developed companies. Universum Hub is an entity within the institution composed of students and staff that helps students to develop projects. Kosovo Business Angels Network, which was established by Universum College and BiD Network in Holland, is an association composed of successful entrepreneurs in Kosovo with the intention of investing in start-up.  Herby, Universum College is dedicated to:

  • Bring innovation in education, by modifying and altering curricula, teaching material, methodologies and tools.
  • Become the partner of businesses for applied research and innovation, by jointly launching partnerships, projects and shared responsibility for community activities.
  • Fostering entrepreneurial spirit and skills as well as innovation influenced mind-set.
  • Promote innovative and creative ideas, promoting openness and broadmindedness.
  • Promote self-employment and independence amongst students

Activities and events 

Kosovo Business Angel Network (KOSBAN) was established in 2014 with the support of Universum College in Kosovo and BiD Network, Netherlands, in order to support the promotion of entrepreneurship and innovation through means of financing start-ups and other early stage businesses in order to increase their potential within Kosovo as well as outside its borders. KOSBAN Members are proven entrepreneurs and investors from Kosovo, diaspora and abroad and we organize by-monthly pitching, pitching trainings for entrepreneurs and angel investment bootcamps for Angel investors.

Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM),
Since 2014 Kosovo became part of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), which is the most important and prestigious report in the field of entrepreneurship in the world. Universum College was charged to conduct this research being the only Kosovo representative of GEM. This project is supported by the Ministry of Trade and Industry and the Dutch organization SPARK. Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) is an annual assessment of activities, entrepreneurial aspirations and goals of individuals in a number of states. In 1999, it is initiated as a partnership between London Business School (UK) and Babson College (USA), two popular schools of entrepreneurship in the world. GEM already has over 100 “National teams” that have participated in this project. This number is growing every year.

Visegrad – Entrepreneurship week
The Entrepreneurship week aims to bring the Visegrad entrepreneurship culture and influence to Kosovo, Albania, and Montenegro students. Likewise, EW intends to serve as a bridge between academia, community, and business. Essentially the idea behind EW is to get young people on board with the entrepreneurial mindset so as to generate economic growth and employment opportunities for Balkan countries by following the best Visegrad experiences in this context. hereby, provide entrepreneurship workshops delivered by 4 different universities from Visegrad in the field of entrepreneurship.
Partners: Szent István University,Hungary, J. Selye University, Economics faculty, Slovakia, Metrtopolitni Univerzita Praha,Czech Republic

Get in the Ring
Get in the ring  is one of the most attractive entrepreneurship competitions in the world that provides entrepreneurs (start-ups) with a platform to challenge one-another in order to win the grand prize and request financing from local and international investors who will be present. Even though Get in the Ringwas established only four years ago, today it is present in 80 countries and has accepted more than 3,000 competitors. In 2014, entrepreneurs from 6 continents challenged one-another to secure financing up to €1,000,000. The links below provide a glimpse on how this attractive competition is organized:

Startups Battle TV Show
The first show produced and realized in Kosovo aimed at promoting entrepreneurship among young people. Startups Battle or The Battle of Startups is a contest between business ideas and concepts to win 10,000.00 € (5,000.00 € cash and 5,000.00 € services). Startups Battle, except that it is an interesting TV show in the business field, is the best opportunity to present your business idea or business to potential investors and potential customers

KosICT Tech Festival
Universum College in partnership with Innovation Centre Kosovo and ICT Associations, for 8 years brought speakers from companies such as Google, Apple, Entreprenuership Magazine, brining global ICT trends to the Balkans.

iziSurvey – a spin off of Universum – IziSurvey is Online and offline surveys. No internet connection to conduct surveys iziSurvey works with or without internet. its launch was featured in Reuters, Yahoo News and Boston Globe.

Global Entrepreneurship Week Partner
Entrepreneurship Week is the world’s largest celebration of the innovators and job creators who launch startups that bring ideas to life, brings  innovators and  job creators who launch startups that  bring ideas to life and aim to drive economic growth.

Universum Innovation Week
UIW  intends to serve as a bridge between academia, community, and business.