Universum Events and Facilities

Do you have to organize an event and you are looking for suitable premises to rent?

Universum offers you the possibility to organize your event in one of our four campuses. With rooms from 30 to 120 persons, equipped with audio and video system, Universum is the most convenient for organizing your conference, training or meeting.UlpianëPrishtinëFerizajPrizren

Facilities and fees*

1. Conference room for 110 people                                             180 euro / day
2. Conference/training room for 80 people                             150 euro / day
3. Round table for  25-50 people                                                120 euro / day
4. Computer room for 15-36 people                                           100 euro / day
5. Conference/training room for 30 people                               80 euro / day
6. Office work                                                                                   60 euro / day

All rooms are equipped with video projector and sound system and can be adapted to customer requirements.

*For long-term use as well as non-profit organizations we offer considerable discounts.


Coctails and foood ‘Universum Events and Facilities’ offers a wide range of choices in terms of organization of your cocktail.Coffee break:
1. Coffee, tea, water, biscuits                                                                 2 euro / person
2.Coffee, tea, water, fresh juice                                                            3 euro / person
3. Red/white wine                                                                                    2 euro /personSofa:
1. Menu I: apetisan nga peanuts, crisps, sticks, biscuits etc.          4 euro / person
2. Menu II: menu I + chees, olivevs, brusechetta                             6 euro / person
3. Menu III: menu II + pasta, sweets                                                  8 euro / person
4. Menu IV: menu II + chiken and beef pieces, sweets                   9 euro / personAll menus are served with water, fruit juices and non-carbonated beverages.Open buffet:
1. Menu I: mixed salad, marinated chicken, fried vegetables, fruits,
non-alcoholic drinks                                                                               9 euro / person
2. Menu II: Menu I + veal, beef, sweets                                            12 euro / person