Double Degree with the Kajaani University Applied Sciences in Finland

BA Degree Program in Business and Management is a three-year dual-degree program offered jointly by Universum College in Kosovo and the Kajaani University of Applied Sciences in Finland.

Upon completion of studies in this program, students receive a Finnish BA degree in Business Administration from Kajaani University of Applied Sciences and a second Bachelor of Arts in Business and Management at Universum College.

Dual Studies

The Business and Management students from Universum College are required to complete their second year (4th semesters) at the home university. After finishing the first semesters successfully they are eligible to apply to study two semesters in the Bachelor’s Degree in International Business at Kajaani University of Applied Sciences.
Students participating in the Double Degree studies study two semesters in the partner university-Kajaani University of Applied Sciences and complete at the minimum 60 ECTS course work. In addition, the double degree programme includes the professional internship (5 months, 30 ECTS) and Bachelor’s thesis (15 ECTS).

Semester I
1MEssentials of Management36186
2MEconomics I (Microeconomics)36186
3MQuantitative Methods I (Math)36186
4MAcademic Writing36186
5MEFL I36186
Semester II
1MEconomics II (Macroeconomics)36186
2MBusiness Research Methods36186
3MQuantitative Methods II (Statistics)36186
4ESocial Responsibility and Ethics36186
5EOrganizational Communication36186
6MEFL II36186
Semester III
2MFinancial Accounting36186
3MHuman Resources Management36186
4MEuropean Economic Integrations36186
5MEFL III36186
Semester IV
1MOrganizational Behavior36186
2MLeadership and Negotiations36186
3MManagement Accounting36186
4MEFL IV36186
5MInternship Program and Career Orientation48248
Semester V
1E Science, Technology and Innovation36186
2MInternational Business36186
3MManagement of Information Systems36186
4EStrategic Management36186
5MProject Management36186
6MEFL V36186
Semester VI
Nr.M/ESpecialization: ManagementLEECTS
1MEntrepreneurship and SME Management36186
2Strategic Management36186
3ECorporate Finance36186
4MEFL VI36186
5MGlobal Economy36186
6EInternational Trade36186
7EKnowledge, Learning and Management36186
8EE-Business for Managers36186
9EInternational Trade36186
10EIntellectual Property Law36186
Semester V
1MPublic Finance and Budget Planning36186
2MFinancial Analysis36186
3ERisk Management36186
4MAuditing and Investigation36186
Semester VI
1MCorporate Finance36186
2MBanking and Financial Institutions36186
3MInternational Financial Markets36186
4EFinancial Planning and Reporting36186
5MEFL VI36186
6EGame Theory36186
7EPersonal Finance36186
Bachelor Thesis – During the stay in Finland, students will work on their bachelor thesis. The bachelor thesis will be supervised by Kajaani University of Applied Sciences and Universum College professors. The jury will be composed of professors coming from both institutions.

Apart from studies, the main benefit of the students of this program is professional internship in Finland (5 months, 30 ECTS).

Universum College and Kajaani University of Applied Sciences are committed to providing their students with full support in the preparation for continuing their studies in KAMK, ongoing academic support and consultations, access to all student activities and the Kajaani University of Applied Sciences campus.


Graduates of the Dual Bachelor Degree Program in Business Administration can benefit from various opportunities starting from different career opportunities and the best prospects in all areas of business and economy. Graduation from this program can also help maintain leadership positions already acquired before starting their studies.

This study program provides the graduates with a degree in economics and professionally prepares them to successfully complete complex managerial tasks. The most important competencies with which the bachelor program with double degree prepares young professionals are as follows:

  • Comprehensive business knowledge
  • Leadership skills and
  • International competences

The comprehensive curriculum of dual Bachelor degree of Business Management and International Business offers a wide range of job opportunities. Some of the most important jobs that graduates can choose are the following:

1 – Consultant

Consultancy is likely the most advanced career path for bachelor students. On one hand, it requires an overall, international and strategic overview at the business world and individual companies. On the other hand, consultants must have interpersonal skills that facilitate clients to express their concerns and communicate freely.

2 – Finance Manager

Most students who do not come from the field of management are afraid of the first day of the finance module at bachelor level. Knowing that finances are the key to every company’s growth and expansion, Financial Managers should be able to deal with numeric and qualitative information, displaying the ability to deal with colleagues from all departments to gather accurate information as well as the communication skills needed to provide and motivate board members. The insistence of the bachelor program in acquiring strong and soft skills prepares students well for this position.

3 – Marketing Manager

Marketing is directly related to deep knowledge of products and consumers. If you are enrolled in a bachelor program of high level, you are getting up-to-date tools to evaluate products and companies by developing your skills to communicate with and understand members of other cultures (by identifying their needs, buying their habits, their cultural specifics, etc.). If you are creative and have a sales trend, Marketing Manager may be your next job title!

4 – Operations Manager, Supply Chain Manager, or Logistics Manager

Operations, Logistics and Supply Chain are areas that have increased considerably. With the ongoing technological advancement of online operations and the growth of online sales, the work and knowledge of managers with this expertise as well as their demanding skills has never been more important. If you want to play a vital role in the success of an industry, in one of these roles you can manage people, processes, and lead technology together, ensure organization, maintain, and deliver effective product delivery in order to improve customer experience on a continuous basis. The bachelor  studies offer you a framework for developing the knowledge and skills required for a successful career in this field.

5 – Entrepreneur

Many Bachelor level students have ideas and projects for their companies. Exposure to the market and networking in the classroom and a good offer of the bachelor program can create investment and partnership relationships that justify the anticipation of starting a company. If you think this is your situation, get the most out of your bachelor studies and discuss your business strategy with the University and other students when you are studying to ensure you have a winning plan.

Finland, ranked as the best education system in the world, is one of the favorite destinations for students from all over the world. In addition to the quality shown in education, recent studies have shown that Finland is also the happiest country in the world, has the best air quality and the lowest level of corruption.

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences is one of the most international and qualitative universities in Finland. The reasons why so many international students choose this university are listed below:

The Finnish education system has been rated as the best education system in the world
1. The degree from Kajaani University Applied Sciences has an extremely high reputation;
2. The Finnish degree from Kajaani University is recognized and valued worldwide;
3. Studies at Kajaani University offer the opportunity to meet and create friendships with students from all over the world
4. Finland is recognized as one of Europe’s most modern and innovative countries.

Domestic and international accreditations

The Business Management Bachelor Program is accredited by the “Opetus- ja kulttuuriministeriö” and by the Kosovo Accreditation Agency (KAA).

How to study in Finland with full scholarship?

All Universum College students who continue the year at Kajaani University of Applied Sciences benefit from the full SOURCE for study in Finland. Students must only cover transportation and accommodation expenses in Finland.
Universum College will select 6 full scholarship students for one semester worth 3,780 Euros per student, to cover living expenses.

Applicants must have 60 ECTS or 1 year completed at Universum College.

Note: This option is also available for third-year students who need to postpone their studies for 1 more year if they wish to take advantage of this opportunity to obtain a Finnish degree at Kajaani University.


To be accepted into the program, interested students must apply for enrollment at Universum College. Admission to Universum College automatically provides students with the opportunity to pursue a second or third year of bachelor’s degree at Kajaani University of Applied Sciences.

To continue their studies in Kajaani, candidates must meet the following conditions:

Have completed one year at Universum College;
Recognize English at level A2 or higher under the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, or any other admissible certificate, as all courses at Kajaani University will be offered in English. (Note: knowledge of English is not required for admission to Universum College, it can be taught during the first and second year of study to continue at KAMK). Acceptable certification for English language proficiency is also the certification at the Intermediate level by England Examinations, which is equivalent to A2.

In addition to these, even students who are currently at the end of the first or second year at the bachelor’s level at Universum College may choose to continue their third year in Finland at Kajaani University as part of this program. Also, students who have completed the first or second year of study at other public and private universities and want to transfer their studies to Universum College can continue them at Kajaani University as part of a double degree program.

Tutoring services


The purpose of each tutor is to help students develop strategies that help them consolidate their knowledge, develop transferable learning skills, and achieve academic success. The role of a tutor is to enable students to do their job using the best way of learning. The ultimate goal is to help students discover how he or she learns best and to help students develop their skills to achieve better educational outcomes. In case students need additional support and academic help tutors are informed immediately. Thus, students’ academic performance is closely monitored.