The Master Degree Mediterranean Forestry and Natural Resources Management (MEDfOR) is a two-year world-class International Programme on the field of Forestry and Sustainability, implemented in 2012.

It is the only program in Europe that simultaneously addresses the economic, ecological and social challenges of sustainable Mediterranean forestry and natural resources management.
From the beginning of the project University of Tuscia has been a partner of MEDfor Consortium.

The MEDfOR Programme is open to candidates from all over the world, who have a bachelor degree on Biological Sciences, Environmental and Earth Sciences, Mathematics, Economics, Engineering, Chemistry, Biochemistry or similar areas.

The scholarships will be available for the best ranked candidates.

There are specific scholarships available for Western Balkans (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro).

Call for Applications to the Erasmus Mundus Master Programme MEDfOR is with the deadline to 31st January 2021!

Website: https://www.medfor.eu/

How to apply: https://www.medfor.eu/content/how-apply