Within the Universum College, operates the Career Office, which the main purpose is providing various opportunities for professional development even for students who have already graduated. This office is drafting a strategic plan for the new academic year and planning to provide programs, services and resources that would encourage and assist students in terms of career planning, experimental education, pursuit of educational opportunities, as well as achieving the desired job. Every year, the Career Office at Universum College conducts a research on employability of their graduates. The latest research on the success of students of the academic year 2013/2014 and 2014/2015 is based on the statistics of 200 responses received by the graduate students of all three campuses: Pristina, Ferizaj and Gjakova. In the continuation of studies, 79.8% of students after Bachelor continued their studies while 20.2% did not come further. As far as employability is concerned, 67.6% of students are currently employed, which is about 25% higher than the national average. 85.4% were employed during their studies, while 14.6% found a job after graduation, where 34.6% found employment three months after graduation, while 65.4% were hired after 12 months of graduation. The net average salary of graduates is € 375. In the self-employment (entrepreneurship development), 19.8% of graduates created their own companies. 34.5% are focused on sales, 13.8 in insurance and 10.3% in production, with 13% having companies with more than 30 employees, while the highest percentage have companies with a maximum of 10 employees. Graduated students showed that the main skills that helped them find a job, skills acquired during the main studies are the ability to work in team (65%), critical thinking (45%) and communication skills (35%). These are the results of numerous local and international collaborations that this institution of higher education in Kosovo is implementing with different companies, which provide students with the opportunity to do practical work and employment, all thanks to networking created. To learn more about this research, please follow the Facebook page, contact [email protected] or call +377 44 144 062.