The program aims to offer courses of study that develop and enable the utilization of critical thinking and creativity to address professional practice and patient care issues. The program is intended to prepare students to become physical therapists that embrace evidence based physical therapy practice, meet the multifaceted health needs of patients, consumers, and society, and participate in professional and community service. To fulfill this mission, we create a stimulating and collaborative environment that promotes education, research, service, and leadership. It includes independent learning and research to a level that demands an integrated and critical approach to physiotherapy and other healthcare related disciplines.
Upon successful completion of their program, graduates from our undergraduate Physiotherapy program will be able to:
• think critically and analyze real problems
• find, evaluate, and use resources
• work collaboratively
• demonstrate versatility
• communicate effectively
• function well in a global community
• continue learning after graduation

Semester I   
1MAnatomy I6
3MBiophysics and Biomechanics7
4MAssessment Methods in Physiotherapy10
5EElective Course 13
6MStudy skills3
Semester II
1MAnatomy - Functional and physiology of locomotor system8
2MIntroduction to Research Methodology3
3MPhysiotherapy in Health Care system5
4MBasis of Physiotherapy techniques9
5MBasics of Clinical Medicine and First Aid5
Semester III
2MOsteomuscular Disorders5
4MCardio Respiratory Physiotherapy5
5EElective Course 26
Semester IV
1MBasic Occupational therapy5
2MOsteomuscular Physiotherapy6
3MPhysiotherapy in Rheumatology8
4EElective Course 33
5MClinical Practice 18
Semester V
1MNeurophysiology and Neurology5
2MNeurogical Physiotherapy14
3MGeriatrics and Physiotherapy in Geriatrics8
4MPhysiotherapy in Women’s Health3
Semester VI
1MPediatrics and Physiotherapy in pediatrics7
2MSports Medicine3
3EElective Course 43
4MClinical Practice 28
5MDiploma Work9

Students from Universum College can go to study abroad for 4 to 5 months.

All students who are enrolled as students at Universum College may apply for Erasmus+ Mobility Programs. Study exchange opportunities are available to each study cycle:

– First study cycle (Bachelor or equivalent)
– Second study cycle (Master or equivalent)
– Third study cycle (Doctoral level)

Please note that Erasmus Student Mobility is carried out in the framework of Inter-Institutional Agreements between home (Universum) and host institutions (universities where you wish to apply for a semester). This means that before being able to apply, you should check whether Universum College has a partnership with the university where you wish to continue your studies. To do this, have a look at the list of universities with whom we collaborate.

-At least 5 completed exams at Universum College
– Active participation in extra-curricular activities organized by Universum College
– English Language knowledge (B1 or B2, as set by the host university)

– English Language Certification (TOEFL or Anglia Examination)
– Transcript of records in English (get this from Student Services)
– Passport copy
– 1 photo (300pix; size – 3*4 cm; file – .jpg)

The college through the Physiotherapy program aims to introduce the experimental learning experience, which will be linked to the outcome of the program. The purpose of creating experiential learning opportunities is to prepare the learner physiotherapist to function effectively and competently in this field of study and to be skilled in ethical decision-making and moral reasoning by the end of the programme. Experimental learning in the programme includes clinical Physiotherapy practice activities, Theory and Skills lab activities, as well as placement in healthcare facilities WIL (also called experiential learning, work-based learning or co-operative learning) focuses on the application of academic learning in a world-of-work context. The focus of experiential learning is for learner physiotherapists to apply and develop their knowledge and skills in a work place environment. Work place practice and skills development will contribute to improved chances of employability and will assist in developing personal skills. Whether it’s future researchers and Physiotherapy faculty looking to advance their careers or physiotherapist, physiotherapists practitioners seeking greater clinical knowledge, all students at the School of Physiotherapy benefit from professors with diverse interests who create learning environments that empower them to be agents of health care change.

The normal minimum entry requirements for a candidate to be eligible for admission to the College’s courses are set out in the General Entry Requirements contained in the Prospectus. However, the absolute minimum criteria for a student to be admitted to this academic program, is that all students are expected to have successfully completed high school and have passed the national test (matura). In addition, in order to be enrolled in our program, all applicants are required to bring the following documents:

– Birth certificate
– Diploma and secondary school certificate
Legalized documents issued by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology of the Republic of Kosovo for all those who have completed their education outside of the Republic of Kosovo
– Completing the application procedures at Universum College
– The contract of the study program if they meet eligibility criteria

Prof. Pt. PhD Can. Bekim Ramabaja