Research Strategy

Despite the fact that Universum College is not a research intensive institution, we have put research on high priority. Our institution has incorporated applied research in the majority of course. In attaining this institutional objective, Universum has set various long-term objectives as a part of our research strategy. In effectuating full research incorporation in our courses, the following objectives are pursued collectively with faculty, students, staff members and industry partners:

  • Providing a research friendly environment and infrastructure;
  • Encouraging faculty to join and conduct research projects;
  • Obliging students to conduct research in their course projects;
  • Linking research and teaching through teaching curriculum and course syllabus activities.

Collective pursuance enables Universum to always stay on track and work effectively towards the attainment of the main institutional objective regarding research. Universum has devoted sufficient people and financial resources in facilitating the incorporation and application of applied research in the studies. In order to ensure that policies, research incorporation and development processes are aligned to the aforementioned objectives, regular faculty, staff and student meetings take place.

Universum firmly believes that scientific research enables our institution to be aware of the socio-economic circumstances of our country and the region. Through a well-designed research strategy our institution gathers relevant data for various matters. Subsequently, Universum remains the most innovative when it comes to curricula development, policy amendments, teaching methodology and applied projects

Research in Teaching

Universum College aims to encourage its respective academic staff to adopt research-based teaching methodology. Moreover, Universum consistently supports actions taken by the teaching staff and faculty regarding research and development. However, in order to professionalize and validate the requirements Universum mandates program coordinators as well as all the teaching staff hierarchy to engage in research through contractual agreements and job descriptions. Research work requirements are detailed in contracts and job descriptions and are made available to staff prior to agreements and signatures. Generally, faculty and teaching staff are required to:

  • Conduct research,
  • Jointly publish research findings,
  • Participate to research projects and or proposals initiated by UC
  • Adopt research-based teaching methodology
  • Incorporate research into the course syllabuses and link research with teaching practices
  • Engage students in research work

Requirements by contracts are strongly tied to  performance appraisals and evaluations. Depending on the department and program, each professor is obliged to engage in various research projects and activities according to their expertise and course/program in which they lecture.  Each program at Universum is run within the auspices of a Program Coordinator, who apart from guiding, reminding and monitoring teaching faculty they participate in the performance appraisals and evaluations.  Lack of fulfilment of research principles and provisions foreseen by employment contract and job description may result in measures including the expulsion of noncomplying staff. Research developments are also the most appreciated activities at Universum through which a well performing staff can get a promotion and additional benefits described in detail in the job appraisal and evaluation policy.

Each semester academic staff jointly with students conducts various researches. These collaborations usually involve faculty and teaching staff who initiate and monitor the research process and students actively engage in work. At the end of each semester researches are compiled and published in a mini journal called “Students Research Publications”. These hard and soft copy mini journals are available for various readers at the premises and library of Universum College. There are various practices implemented in order to ensure the linkage of research with learning. Hence, each teaching and monitoring member of Universum follows such practices strictly