Universum College, a leader of real international opportunities for students and staff for semester exchange, this is evidenced by the fact that so far 114 agreements with universities in 26 states of Europe and Turkey have been approved.  Recently, another project for international SCHOLARSHIPS in Belgium has been added to this list of agreements.

Universum College students will have the opportunity to study for a semester with a full scholarship at the biggest institution of applied science in “Thomas More University of Applied Science” in Belgium.  

All students receive free tuition, a monthly allowance of 850 euros and 275 euros for travel costs.

Universum College remains a leader when it comes to international opportunities for students! To date, 247 Universum College students and 105 academic and administrative staff have benefited from this opportunity. 

Soon we ​​will open the application call for a semester exchange with full scholarships at this university.

For more information contact Universum College at [email protected], follow us on Facebook and Instagram or call +383 44 144 062