Academic Publications of Faculty

 Faculty of Universum College constantly participates in research conferences worldwide in order to present their researches and publications. Moreover, our institution supports and encourages faculty to actively engage in research and academic publications.

Below there is a list of academic researches and publications of our faculty.

Name Of The PublicationName & LastnamePublished In:Year
Analysis of Factors Affecting the Implementation of Arianit KrypaGlobal Challenge (ADSH Press) Tirana ISSN 2227-8540 ISSN 2312-5748 (Online)2015
E-Commerce to SME-s
Effects of Cloud Computing in SME’s Arianit KrypaEuropean Academic Research (IMRJ)2016
ISSN 2286-4822
Impact Factor: 3.4546 (UIF)
DRJI Value : 5.9 (B+)
Security Issues in Cloud Computing – OverviewArianit KrypaEuropean Academic Research (IMRJ)2016
ISSN 2286-4822
(http://www.euacademic.org) Impact Factor: 3.4546 (UIF)
DRJI Value : 5.9 (B+)
Vol. III / Issue 11/ February 2016
Analysis of Factors Affecting the Implementation of
E-Commerce to SME-s
Global Challenge
The Importance of Leadership and Problems of Further and Higher Education in Kosovo(M. Krypa, author,European Academic Research (IMRJ)2016
A. Krypa co-Author)ISSN 2286-4822
 (http://www.euacademic.org) Impact Factor: 3.4546 (UIF)
 DRJI Value : 5.9 (B+)
Cloud Computing and Hybrid CloudArianit KrypaDSSH – UET Proceedings “Rethink the development and integration” Tirana.2014
Border Gateway Protocol Implementation as the Routing Protocol on the Internet (co-Author).Ledina Karteri,Information systems and technology innovation.2014
Valma Prifti5th International Conference, Tirana. ISTI – 2014
Arianit Krypa 
Adoption, Security Issues and the Need for the Cloud Computing in Higher Education (Arianit KrypaEdulearn 15. 7th international Conference on Education and New Learning technologies.2015
ISBN: 978-84-606-8243-1
ISSN: 2340-1117
Impacts of Cloud Computing InArianit KrypaInted 2016,2016
E-Commerce10th annual International Technology, Education and Development Conference
 ISBN: 978-84-608-5617-7
 ISSN: 2340-1079
 Planifikimi si funksion i Menaxhmentit  Revista”The Heritage” – botim i UNS-së dhe Institutit per Evropianistike dhe Politike nderkombetare (IPES) 
Fari Bushi2013
Perkufizimi i Vendosjes, Marrja e vendimeve të përgjithëshme, me vështrim të veçantë në ndërmarrjen “Sharrcem’’ të Hanit të Elezit   
  Revista”The Heritage” – botim i UNS-së dhe Institutit per Evropianistike dhe Politike nderkombetare (IPES) 
Fari Bushi 2015
 Udhëheqja,  personaliteti i udhëheqësit, vetitë dhe aftësitë e udhëheqësit potencial  si dhe autoriteti i tij.  Revista”The Heritage” – botim i UNS-së dhe Institutit per Evropianistike dhe Politike nderkombetare (IPES 
Fari Bushi2016
Kosovo’s State-building: Exceptional Case in International Political PracticesEnis RexhepiEpoka University: “5th International Conference on 
European Studies; Perspectives of Integration in the European Union: The Balkans”. Tirana, Albania2015
Ukraine’s Geopolitical Position: Between East and WestEnis RexhepiDanube Rector Conference-“Recent Political Changes and their Implications in the Danube Region”. Vienna, Austria 
Einfluss von Spannungsstabilitätsproblemen auf die Sicherheit elektrischer EnergienetzeAgron BislimiForschungsbericht   FB 2 / 2011 Institut für Energiesysteme und Elektrische Antribe,           Technische Universität Wien2011
DissertationAgron Bislimi Haputbibliothek der Technische Universität Wien2012
“Influence of voltage stability problems on security of electrical energy networks”http://www.ub.tuwien.ac.at/diss/AC07812431.pdf
“The Impact of Brussels Dialogue on Kosovo’s Sovereignty,”Agon Demjahain David Philips and Lulzim Peci eds. Threats and Challenges to Kosovo’s Sovereignty, Program on Peace-building and Rights, Institute for the study of Human Rights, Columbia University and Kosovar Institute for Policy Research and Development, New York and Prishtina2018
“Inter-Ethnic Relations in Albania: The Causality Between Inter-Ethnic and Inter-State Relations,”Agon Demjaha and Ylber SelaRevista de Stiinte Politice. Revue des Sciences Politiques, No. 59, 2018: 34-44;2018
“Inter-ethnic relations in Macedonia 15 years after the Ohrid Agreement,”Agon DemjahaSEEU Review, South East European University, Vol. 12, Issue 22018
”Kosovar Diplomacy after Independence,”Agon Demjahapunim në botimin e redaktuar nga James Ker-Lindsay & Ioannis Armakolas, Lack of Engagement? Surveying the Spectrum of EU Member State Policies towards Kosovo, Kosovo Foundation for Open Society,2017
“Inter-Ethnic Relations in Croatia,”Agon DemjahaPolitical Thought, No. 53, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung and Institute for Democracy2017
“Inter-Ethnic Relations in Kosovo,”Agon DemjahaSEEU Review, South East European University, Vol. 12, Issue 1,2017
“What happened to Kosovo Albanians: The impact of religion on the ethnic identity in the state building-period.”Agon DemjahaPolicy Paper No. 1/16, Kosovar Institute for Policy Research and Development (KIPRED),2016
“Interethnic Relations in the Western Balkans Implications for Kosovo.”Agon DemjahaPolicy Paper No. 6/14, Kosovar Institute for Policy Research and Development (KIPRED)2014
Lulzim Peci
“Kosovo’s Participation in Regional Organizations and Initiatives,”Agon DemjahaPolicy Paper No. 5/14, Kosovar Institute for Policy Research and Development (KIPRED)2014
”The Role of Euro-Atlantic Integrations on Relations between Macedonia and Kosovo during the Kosovo Conflict of 1999,”Agon DemjahaJusticia, Tetovo State University, Tetovo2013
“Participation of Women in Local Governance in the Republic of Macedonia,”Agon DemjahaInstitute for Political and International Studies2013
Teuta Agai Demjaha
“The role of Euro-Atlantic integration on future relations between Macedonia and Kosovo,”Agon DemjahaEuropean and Security Affairs Journal, Vol. 23, Tiranë,2012
“The role of Euro-Atlantic integration processes on the relations between Macedonia and Kosovo during the 2001 conflict”Agon DemjahaEvrodijalog 172012
“Consequences of the International Court of Justice Rulings for Kosovo and Macedonia,”Demjaha, Agon and Sadriu, Prindonprezantuar në Konferencën e 7të Ndërkombëtare Vjetore të Alb-Shkenca, Shkup2012
“What do People Expect from the UN in a New Millennium,”Agon DemjahaUN Chronicle Journal2000
“On Feasibility of Self-Determination: Towards Sustainable Kosovo,”Agon DemjahaResurrecting the Phoenix, redaktuar nga David Durst, Maria Dimitrova, Alexander Gungov and Borislava Vassileva, Proceedings from the Conference on Civil Society in South Eastern Europe, Blagoevgrad, American University in Bulgaria1997
 An Intelligent System for Diabetes Prediction  Zhilbert Tafa, Nerxhivane Pervetica and Bertan Karahoda 14 qer 2015 – 88, MECO2015
Raumgestaltung im Werk von Chjristoph RansmayrArsim RexhepiSüdwest Verlag2014
Raumdarstellung im Werk von Christoph Ransmayr. Zur Funktion der Topographie in Die Schrecken des Eises und der Finsternis, Die letzte Welt, Morbus Kitahara und Altas eines ängstlichen MannesArsim RexhepiSVH Südwestdeutscher Verlag für Hochschulschriften, Saarbrücken 2014. ISBN 987-3-8381-5159-52014
Prush dhe shpirtArsim RexhepiKonica, Prishtina, Kosova2006
Fenomene të PostmodernësArsim RexhepiRevista Fjala, Tiranë2005
Fragmente alientietiArsim RexhepiRevista Fjala, Tiranë2004
Dyert e miaArsim RexhepiRoman, Konica, Prishtinë2002
Mythos und literarische Autoreflexion in der PostmoderneArsim RexhepiMA-Arbeit, UB RUB, Bochum2001
Eva ime jerm. Gedichtsband Rilindja, Prishtinë, Kosova1996
« Le défi de la transformation des Balkans occidentaux dans l’Union européenne»Mirsad Vocapublié dans le Buletini filozofik (Bulletin Philosophique), Université de Prishtina, Kosovo,2006
«Le Kosovo un long sujet des négociations: les négociations futures entre la Serbie et le Kosovo devraient conduire vers une réconciliation plutôt qu’à une remise en cause du statut du Kosovo»Mirsad Vocapublié dans unsuite101.fr éditorial français, Paris, France,2011
«Après l’indépendance»,Mirsad VocaQuotidien « Zëri » (La voix), Pristina, Kosovo2007
« Les Balkans occidentaux: entre la Russie et l’Occident »Mirsad VocaFRS (Fondation pour la RechercheSstratégique), Paris, France2008
«Le rôle du Kosovo dans les Balkans occidentaux dans le processus d’intégration européenne, une perspective politico-sociale»Mirsad VocaUniversité de Paris VIII, France2005
«Kosovo entre décomposition yougoslave et recomposition européenne: les incertitudes du droit à l’autodétermination»Mirsad VocaUniversité de Paris VIII, France2011
Developing, Testing and Interpreting a Cross Age Peer Tutoring Intervention for Mathematics: Social Interdependence, Systematic Reviews and an Empirical Study.Mirjan ZeneliDoctoral Thesis, Durham University. At www.ethesis.dur.ac.uk.2015
Guidance, Regulator and a Rating System for Trials/Experiments in Social Sciences: Consolidated Conduction, Reporting and Evaluation of Trials Entity (CONCRETE).Mirjan ZeneliOnline Journal of Education, pp. 1-202016
The impact of interdependent cross-age peer tutoring on social and mathematics self-concepts.Zeneli, M., Tymms. P., Bolden, D.International Journal of Psychology and Education-al Studies. Volume 3(2), 1-132016
A Review of Peer Tutoring Interventions and Social Interdependence Characteristics.Zeneli, M., & Tymms, P.International Journal for Cross-Disciplinary Subjects in Educa-tion. 7(2), pp. 2504-2510. (Special edition)2016
The influence of experimental design on the magnitude of the effect size -peer tutoring for elementary, middle and high school settings: A meta-analysisZeneli, M., Thurston, A. & Roseth, C.International Journal of Educational Research. Volume 77, pp. 211-223. (Special edition).2016
Interdependent Cross-Age Peer Tutoring in Mathematics.Zeneli, M., Tymms. P., Bolden, D.International Journal of Psychology and Educational Studies. Volume 5(3), 33-50.2018
Application of spatial heterodyne spectroscopy for chemical analysis based on Raman and laser-induced breakdown spectroscopyAB Gojani, D Palasti, A Paul, G Galbasc, IB GornushkinANAKON (in print)2019
Investigation of laser-induced plasma at varying pressure and laser focusingH Yuan, AB Gojani, IB Gornushkin, X WangSpectrochimica Acta Part B: Atomic Spectroscopy 150, 33-372018
Laser-induced plasma imaging for low-pressure detectionH Yuan, IB Gornushkin, AB Gojani, XH Wang, MZ RongOptics Express 26 (12), 15962-159712018
Energy production in Kosova and regional perspectivesAB GojaniInt. Journal of Business and Technology, 4(2):102016
Shock Hugoniot and equations of states of water, castor oil, and aqueous solutions of sodium chloride, sucrose and gelatinAB Gojani, K Ohtani, K Takayama, SHR HosseiniShock Waves 26 (1), 63-68 242016
Lexim kritik i disa librave te fizikes per shkollat e mesme te KosovesAB GojaniJava e shkences, MAShT2015
On two optomechanical effects of laser-induced electrostriction in dielectric liquidsAB Gojani, R Bejtullahu, S ObayashiJapanese Journal of Applied Physics 53 (9), 092703 42014
Identification of discontinuities in plasma plume evolutionAB Gojani, J Kokaj, S ObayashiApplied Physics B 112 (4), 571-577 22013
Measurement sensitivity and resolution for background oriented schlieren during image recordingAB Gojani, B Kamishi, S ObayashiJournal of visualization 16 (3), 201-207 182013
Review of background oriented schlieren and development for ballistic range applicationsAB Gojani, B Kamishi, S ObayashiEPJ Web of Conferences 45, 01034 12013
Laser ablation at the hydrodynamic regimeAB GojaniEPJ Web of Conferences 45, 01124 42013
Experimental Study of Laser-Induced Brass and Copper Plasma for Spectroscopic ApplicationsAB GojaniISRN Spectroscopy 2012 42012
Assessment of some experimental and image analysis factors for background oriented schlieren measurementsAB Gojani, S ObayashiApplied Optics 51 (31), 7554-7559 92012
Dynamics of laser-induced bubble collapse visualized by time-resolved optical shadowgraphH Lee, AB Gojani, T Han, JJ YohJournal of visualization 14 (4), 331-337 172011
Performance analysis of a new biolistic gun using high power laser irradiationT Han, H Lee, S Choi, AB Gojani, JJ YohApplied Physics A 101 (2), 417-422 12010
Biolistic injection of microparticles with high-power Nd: YAG laserT Han, AB Gojani, JJ YohApplied optics 49 (16), 3035-3041 62010
“Furia Albanica” – The Last Myth for the Preservation of Albanian National IdentityRrezearta Reka ThaqiMediterranean Journal of Social Sciences. Vol. 7, number 42016
“Lessons from the Vienna Congress: Albanianism as a European Model for Albanian IntegrationsRrezearta Reka Thaqi“Vienna Congress and the Balkans: 200 years later”, edited by Ylber Sela2015
“Judicial Integrity Assessment in Kosovo”, UNDP and UNODC, 2014;Rrezearta Reka ThaqiUNDP Kosovo2014
“Implementation of UNSC Resolution 1325 in Kosovo: Strengths and Weaknesses”, Kosovar Center for Security Studies, 2014;Rrezearta Reka ThaqiKosovo Center for Security Studies2014
 Islam, Securitization, and US Foreign Policy. [Book] Erdoan A. Shipoli Palgrave Macmillan.2018
 International Securitization: The Case of Kosovo. [Book]  Erdoan A. Shipoli LAP Publishing2010
Turkey and Kosovo: A Lord-Vassal Relationship? Erdoan A. ShipoliTHREATS AND CHALLENGES TO2018
EURO as a New Force for Economic Integration? And, Perhaps, Political Integration? Erdoan A. ShipoliCivil Academy2009
Is Wahhabism a Security Challenge for Kosova, or Not? Erdoan A. ShipoliEuropean Journal of Economic and Political Studies2009
Birleşmiş Milletler’de Sivil Toplumun Yeri Erdoan A. ShipoliDernekler dergisi2009
Unravelling Liberal Interventionism: Local Critiques of Statebuilding in KosovoGëzim Visoka & Vjosa MusliuRoutledge. Worlding Beyond the West Series2019
Imagining Ukraine. From history and myths to Maidan protestsVjosa Musliu & Olga BurlyukEast European Politics and Societies: and Cultures2019
Sovereignty a-venir: Towards a Normative Understanding of SovereigntyEvangelos Fanoulis & Vjosa MusliuGlobal Society2018
Mediation through Recontextualization: EU’s Foreign Policy in the Belgrade-Pristina DialogueKrenar Gashi, Vjosa Musliu & Jan OrbieEuropean Foreign Affairs Review2017
Notes on memory, home and fieldworkVjosa MusliuJournal of Narrative Politics2017
Multi-ethnic democracy as an autoimmune practice: the case of international mission in KosovoVjosa MusliuBritish Journal of Politics and International Relations2017
The EU and the Balkans: shifting meanings after the crisisVjosa MusliuCroatian Political Science Review2016
MetaKosovo: Local and international narrativesVjosa Musliu & Jan OrbieBritish Journal of Politics and International Relations2016
The International Missions in Kosovo. What is in a name?Vjosa Musliu & Jan OrbieEuropean Foreign Affairs Review2014
Deconstructing and Defining EULEXVjosa Musliu & Shkëndije GeciCentral European Journal of International & Security Studies2014
Agenda Setting of the EU Mission in Kosovo: A Constructivist ReadVjosa MusliuCentral European Journal of International & Security Studies2013
Mapping Narratives on Failed States. The case of KosovoVjosa MusliuIn: States Falling Apart2015
Local Inclusion or Exclusion? Security Sector Development in Kosovo in Musliu Vjosa and Gezim Visoka. Can the local speak? Voices from the subjects of international intervention.Florian QehajaLondon. Routledge.2018
The police profession in Kosovo: Caught in the quagmire between politics and regional security community in Sonja Stojanovic Gajic and Filip Ejdus. Security Community Practicies in the Western Balkans.Florian Qehaja, Armend BekajLondon. Routledge.2018
Violent extremism: beyond foreign fighters and numbers in Sabina Lange, Zoran Nechev and Florian Trauner. Resilience in the Western Balkans.Petrovic, Predrag and Florian Qehaja.EU Institute for Security Studies2017
International or local ownership? Security Sector Development in Post-Independent Kosovo.Qehaja, Florian.Westphalia Press. Washington DC2017
Beyond Gornje Maoče and Ošve: Radicalization in the Western Balkans. in Varvelli Arturo. Jihadists Hotbeds: Understanding Local Radicalization Processes.Qehaja, FlorianISPI2016
Kosovo-EU Relations: the Status-Neutral Dilemma.Qehaja, FlorianFelbrebauer Ernst and Predrag Jurekovic. Croatian Membership in the European Union: Implications for the Western Balkans2014
Kosovo Chapter. Klopfer, Franziska and Sonja Stojanovic. Almanac of Security Sector Reform in the Western Balkans.Qehaja, Florian and Mentor VrajolliGeneva. DCAF&BCSP2012
Monitoring and Evaluating Good Governance in Kosovo’s Security SectorQehaja, Florian and Mentor Vrajolli.. Prishtina. KCSS.2012
Demobilising and Integrating a Liberation Army in the Context of State Formation: Kosovo’s Perspective on Security. Dudouet, Veronique. Hans J. Giessman and Katrin Planta. Post-War Security Transitions: Participatory Peacebuilding After Asymmetric Conflicts.Qehaja, Ramadan. Kosum Kosumi, Florian Qehaja and Armend Bekaj.Berlin. Routledge2012
Strategic Doctrinary Framework in the Security Sector in Kosovo”, Security Policies in the Western Balkans.Qehaja, Florian. Hadžić, Miroslav, Milorad Timotić and Predrag PetrovićBelgrade. CCMR. p. 81-952010
Vleresimi i sektorit të sigurisë në Republikën e Kosovës [Assesment of Security Sector in Kosovo – Civil Society Perspective]Qehaja, Ramadan. Haxhi Ferati. Kosum Kosumi and Florian QehajaPrishtina, Vatra2009
Analize e politikave te tregut  te punës dhe karakterisitikave të papunësisë ne MaqedoniArtan HaziriUniversiteti i Pejës, Kosova2011
Labour market and the charasteristics of unemployment in KosovoArtan HaziriKolegji Iliria, Kosova2011
Sfidat dhe mundesit e ndërmarrjeve te Kosoves per eksportimin e mallrave ne BEArtan HaziriInstituti I Financave I Kosoves2012
The privatization process in Kosovo,the benefits and weaknesses of this processArtan HaziriUBT2012
Investimet ne Resurset HumaneArtan HaziriUniversiteti I Shkodres “ Luigj Gurakuqi”2012
Roli i sistemit bankare ne KosoveArtan HaziriKolegji Pjeter Budi2013
World Trade Organization ( WTO )Artan HaziriUniversiteti I Elbasanit “ Aleksander Xhuvani “2013
Roli i kapitalit human ne zhvillimin ekonomik ne kosoveArtan HaziriInstituti  ISLD2014
Karakteristikat e tregut te punes,  politikat e punësimit ne Kosove 2002-2012Artan HaziriDitet e studimeve Shqiptare2015
The labour market in Kosovoand NeighbouringArtan HaziriInternational Journal of economics (ISSN )Angli2015
Characteristics of the labour market in Kosovo and EuropeArtan HaziriTHE ROMANIAN ACADEMY2015
The most apropriate strategy for creating    International Conference a stable labor market in KosovoArtan HaziriPrague,Czech Republic ( me ISBN )2016
Labour market and Employment Policy in KosovoArtan HaziriUniversity of Lodz, Poloni2016
Ndikimi i vendeve fqinje ne Tregun e Punes ne KosoveArtan HaziriUniversiteti I Struges2018
Ushqimi, higjena dhe veshmbathja në Kriza të Sigurisë nga prizmiArtan HaziriUniversiteti Struges2018
SOCIAL CAPITAL AS A FACTOR FOR ECONOMICHazbi KadriuInternational Journal of Economics, Commerce and Management2, February 2018
 Universum College, KosovoUnited Kingdom
 [email protected] 
 Kosovo’s underground assets, comparative advantage in economic Hazbi Kadriu International Institute for Private- Commercial- and#######
development Competition Law(IIPCCL)
 Universum Collegein Partnership with
  University of Białystok (Poland), Institut za naučna istraživanja
  (Montenegro), Institute of History and Political Science of the University of
  Białystok (Poland), Tirana Business University (Albania)
GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT AS THE MAIN MACROECONOMICHazbi KadriuInternational Journal of Economics, Commerce and Management10, October 2018
 University Universum, Republic of KosovoUnited Kingdom
 [email protected] 
“Cost-Oriented Innovation Methods and Education in Developing Countries: Re-Engineering Industrial Production Systems”Muzafer Shala, V Hoxha, I Bula, E Hajrizi, L Stapleton17th IFAC Conference on Technology, Culture and International Stability TECIS 2015, Durres Albania2016
“Minimizing Non-Technical Loses with Point-To-Point Measurement of Voltage Drop between “SMART” Meters “I Bula, V Hoxha, M Shala, E Hajrizi17th IFAC Conference on Technology, Culture and International Stability TECIS 2015 Durres Albania2016
“Cost-Oriented Open Source Automation Potential Application in Industrial Control Applications “V Hoxha, I Bula, M Shala, E Hajrizi17th IFAC Conference on Technology, Culture and International Stability TECIS 2015 Durres Albania2016
“Cost-Oriented Agile Innovation for Mechatronics Management in Less Developed Regions”M. Shala, E. Hajrizi, V. Hoxha, L. Stapleton16th IFAC Conference on Technology, Culture and International Stability TECIS 2015 — Sozopol, Bulgaria,2015
“Design and Construction of the Room of Servers in the Public University, Comparison of Academic and Administrative Services after Digitalization”H. VARDARI, E. HAJRIZI, M. SHALAUniversity of Tirana – 6th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE Information Systems and Technology Innovations: inducting modern business solutions,2015
“Intergraded low power automobile mobile phone jammer”I. Bula, E. Bula, M. Shala, V. HoxhaUBT-International Conference on Business, Technology & Innovation, Durres Albania2014
“The Impact of Technology in Orientation Aid”I. Bula, E. Bula, M. ShalaUBT-2nd Annual International Conference in Business, Technology and Innovation 2013, Durres, Albania2013
“Research and Education with Scrap”M. Shala, P. Kopacek, K. Ismaili, F. SylajSWIIS 2013, IFAC, International Conference on International Stability, Technology and Culture, Prishtina Kosovo2013
“The Design and Implementation of Optical CDMA Communication Systems Part II Implementation”M. Shala, M. Sobhy, S. Haxha and H. TwymanSchool Research Conference 2010, School of Engineering and Digital Arts  University of Kent2010
“The Design and Implementation of Optical CDMA Communication Systems Part I Design and Simulation”M. Sobhy, M. Shala and S. HaxhaSchool Research Conference 2010, School of Engineering and Digital Arts  University of Kent2010
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Prezantimi i idese per investimin e projekteve ne institucionet publikeAvdi JakupiThe Heritage Nr.10/20132013
Botim shkencor I Universitetit Nderkombetar te Struges, Macedonia
ISSN 1857-7482
Procedurat e Propozimit te Investimeve PublikeAvdi JakupiThe Heritage Nr.11/20132013
Botim shkencor I Universitetit Nderkombetar te Struges, Macedonia
ISSN 1857-7482
Menaxhimi i Burimeve Njerëzore – Sistemi i vlerësimit të performacësAvdi JakupiThe Heritage Nr.2/20152015
July 2015 Struga, Macedonia
ISSN 1857-7482
Iternational Conference SCfSD ‘ 15
International University of Struga
ROLE OF GOVERNMENT IN ECONOMIC AND TREATMENT OF FINANCIAL CRISISAvdi JakupiInternational Journal of Current Research and Review (IJCRR) (ISSN 352- 885) (Impact Factor [2015] 1. 429) [review] is a multidiscipline online journal with open access policy.2016
International Journal of Current Research and Review
ISSN 352-885,  February 2016, Madrid, Spain
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