The Strategic Plan (2018 – 2022 ) is a five year plan that defines the pathway Universum College will undertake in order to comply with the mission and contribute in achieving the objectives set forth by the institution. This plan is developed in close consultation with all the stakeholders: Board of Trustees, academic staff, administrative staff, advisory boards, business community, and students. Our strategic plan is focused on the following components, which are further elaborated below.

 I. Students and Learning at the Centre
Universum College policies put students and learning at the centre of our focus. We strongly believe that enhancing students’ performance and preparing them professionally will help us attain the objectives we have set forth as an institution. The blueprint which supports this pillar consists of:

  • involving students in the decision-making process
  • implementing student-oriented policies that prioritize students in every service, bureaucratic procedures and/or resource development
  • providing tutoring and mentoring for students in order to increase their chances of succeeding
  • offering continuous feedback that is relevant to their academic progress
  • designing student-oriented and learning-centred courses that include student-friendly methodologies, practices, projects and research
  • acknowledging the ever-changing role of faculty and adapting the teaching methodology to the needs and demands of XXI century
  • developing a curriculum that intends to enhance students’ soft and hard skills, which are needed to gain competitive advantage in the market
  • offering support, professional, and academic guidance through the Career Office.


II. Internationalization

Universum College acknowledges globalization as a definitive trend that continuously transforms every field and sector including the higher education systems all around the globe. Working on internationalization enables us to be in compliance with the changes and bring all the benefits of unity and cooperation to our students and staff. Internationalization enables us to exchange, learn and teach the best practices in education, culture, customs and places. Thus far, Universum College has 71 Credit Mobility agreements and 4 active Capacity Building in the Field of Higher Education projects. Our institution has more KA1 and KA2 projects than the majority of HEIs in Kosovo, combined. Therefore, Universum College we continue to:

  • Apply a comprehensive approach to internationalization Internationalize at home
  • Providing internationalization experiences and practices to our whole academic community
  • Making Universum College the most attractive college for students/faculty looking for Kosovo mobility experiences
  • Promote national values through international partners.
  • Diversify the revenue stream, by engaging more in KA2 project as a lead partner.

III. Quality Improvement
Putting students and learning at the center of our focus compels us to enshrine a culture of continuous quality improvement. Therefore, we have adapted certain measures to ensure that a culture of improvement pertains and quality of teaching and services offered are not compromised. We support this pillar by:

  • enabling the academic freedom that fosters innovation in teaching.
  • increasing the process of internationalization through mobility and capacity building projects.
  • developing KPIs that contribute to better assessment and feedback for students and staff.
  • adapting a continuous quality improvement by policies, actions, practices and habits that build a culture.
  • continuing further the internationalization at home.
  • aligning MEST Quality Assurance Standards and challenges with other quality assurance and improvement systems.
  • investing in staff and student training.
  • establishing a better relationship with the industry in order to enhance the possibility for applied research.
  • conducting regular and systematical internal and external evaluation.
  • developing programs that are complimentary with the mission and reflect the global trends.

IV.  Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Universum College recognizes innovation and entrepreneurship as key drivers of development of our region and particularly of Kosovo. Due to the demographic composition, young population in Kosovo in an immense social capital for the economic development. The HEIs in Kosovo are responsible for developing the entrepreneurial skills that are necessary to foster innovation and contribute to the economic development of the country. Being known as the most entrepreneurial HEI in Kosovo,  students and staff of Universum College have developed various companies. Universum Hub, an entity within the institution, is composed of students and staff and helps students to develop many projects. Kosovo Business Angels Network, which was established by Universum College and BiD Network in Holland, is an association composed of successful entrepreneurs in Kosovo with the intention of investing in start-up.  Herby, Universum College is dedicated to:

  • Bring innovation in education, by modifying and altering curricula, teaching material, methodologies and tools.
  • Become a partner of businesses for applied research and innovation, by jointly launching partnerships, projects and shared responsibility for community activities.
  • Foster entrepreneurial spirit and skills as well as innovation influenced mind-set.
  • Promote innovative and creative ideas, encouraging openness and broadmindedness.
  • Promote self-employment and independence amongst students.

V. Digital Transformation
Due to technology innovation, many industries had to transform in order to compete in the ever-changing global market. The education is not exempt from these changes, thus, at Universum College digital transformation is taken seriously. Hereby, Universum College is committed to make the following digital transformation in order to improvements.