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Universum College is determined in working closely with its students during their studies to make sure they are having the best time of their lives and receiving the best treatment for a long successful career.


Student services at Universum College stand open for any student request and question from 09:00 to 20:00 from Monday to Friday, and Saturdays from 09:00 to 16:00. All administrative requests shall be submitted according to the administration forms provided in the administrative units by the administrative and administrative staff. The Student Service is obliged to respond to the student’s requests within 24 hours.


The UNIVERSUM College has presented the Tutorial Scheme for Students. From October 2008, each student is assigned a tutor who monitors the student’s progress and advises on all academic matters. Each student can meet with his / her tutor one hour a week and be advised on the aforementioned issues.

Ambassador Program

To recognize distinguished students and to engage them in the development of teaching and advancement of students in the classroom. The ambassadors will be representatives, advisors and facilitators for compatriots through the provision of mentoring and counseling sessions. Membership is eternal, and may have Active, Alum, and Alum. : Students who exhibit distinct academic skills will be appointed by their professors, or students can apply.


Academic staff is available to students for academic counseling. The time for counseling should be set in collaboration with the professors. Students can consult with professors through official emails. While after the announcement of the results, each professor is obliged to set one hour for consultations and notify the students via e-mail.

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student events

career office

Universum Carrer Office is one of the most active departments within our University. Also, we are one of the first Universities to have such a dedicated and successful office in Kosovo.

Career Consulting

This service will be offered free of charge to all Universum students. Within this service, students will be provided with personal / group meetings with career office staff to receive advice on planning and clarifying the steps to be followed for a further professional development.

Career Resources

The career office will provide information to all students about employment opportunities. Career Office on a daily basis will prepare and notify all students about published vacancies, opportunities and opportunities for obtaining scholarships within or outside the country.


Universum staff guides students towards developing individual projects in order to encourage self-employment and entrepreneurship. We help then develop projects virtually for all industries. Students are mentored directly from our staff or successful alumni.

Relationship with employers

The career office within this service will enable students to have personal meetings with potential employers. We will take care to provide as many agreements with employers as possible so that students have the opportunity to do practical work or even get hired.

Labor Market Research

Universum College continuously conducts labor market-related research and reports to have the latest data on employment opportunities that would fit our students’ profiles. By doing this each year we have demonstrated a huge increase in employment statistics for our students.


We offer our students certified trainings for employment, in the field of management, marketing and public relations, leadership, accounting and auditing, and legal fields such as litigation, arbitration and business law.

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