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Shkolla Pranverore/UNDP

Shkolla Pranverore/UNDP

Background: Human Development Report (HDR): In the past decade the Human Development (HD) concept acquired a particular popularity, increasingly becoming a focus of government bodies and the leaders of different levels – academic community, civil society, business structures and international organizations. HD concept is not only the object of research but also the practical application for state governance and policy making.  HD concept is also taking special significance in Kosovo. The HD concept puts human being at the center of the development. The core pillar of the concept is about enlarging people’s choices and enhancing human capabilities and freedoms, enabling them to live a long and healthy life, have access to knowledge and a decent standard of living, and participate in the life of their community and decisions affecting their lives. Applying this concept UNDP Kosovo publishes its flagship report on regular basis. Kosovo HDR is prepared and owned by national teams, who thereby introduce the concept of human development, into national policy dialogue.

Check the reports for more Information: http://www.ks.undp.org/en/Kosovo-Human-Development-Report

Mobility (Migration) and Human Development: Human development is about expansion of people’s freedom. Freedom is the set of opportunities to pursue a life plan and to achieve goals as well as the possibility to choose with autonomy. From the human development point of view, voluntary migration flows are on one hand  indicators of the degree of freedom people enjoy and on the other hand indicators of their unhappiness living in their origin country. Kosovo has experienced migration throughout history. At present, it is estimated that more than 30% of people born in Kosovo reside outside its territory. However, apart from several studies on the impact of migration through remittances on Kosovo’s economy, its impact on social development, education, position of women in society, health and education, and other aspects of human development have not been studied thoroughly. The HDR of 2013 will concentrate on these issues and analyse the impact of mobility (migration) on human development in Kosovo.

The main purpose of the Spring School is to educate its participants of current and evolving trends in human development at the global, regional, and national level. The school will also enable participants to make an in-depth examination of the latest development paradigms and practical issues and learn new HD measuring tools.

The Spring School will consist of one learning module: A 10 days in-residence module,4 w/h daily (April, 2012, in Pristina). Spring School participants will have access to an electronic library and on-line forum for discussions to be moderated by thematic facilitators. The best 25 students, based on Professors’ recommendations and English language proficiency will be selected to participate in the Spring School’s in-residence module, to be held in Pristina. The in-residence module will consist of practical exercises and discussions lead by experts and field professionals (from the UNDP, academia, and international/local development organizations etc.).

The best performing students who successfully complete the module will be awarded with Spring School completion certificates as per recommendation of the evaluation panel. Additionally, the best three Research Papers submitted by the Groups (5 persons each group) will be awarded starting with 600 Euros (1st Price), 500 Euros (2nd Price), and 400 Euros (3rd Price).

 Please note: The in-residence module requires that all selected participants make their own arrangements and start/end the planned lessons on the arranged time. The Spring School will only cover Coffee breaks!

Application procedure

You can apply by submitting application form, cv and motivation letter  to this email: denis.nushi@undp.org.

Deadline to apply is April 12, 2013.

Please download here application form

Selection Procedure

After the deadline, the applications will be evaluated by a selection committee composed of members of the UNDP and Universum College. A selection will be conducted on the basis of your application and 25 candidates will be selected.

Selected candidates will be notified of the results by e-mail on 10th of April.

The Spring School will start on 15th of April from 09.00 A.M.

Open to: Bachelor and Master student who are interested in the issues of Human Development.

The Spring School will be held at Universum  College  Campus in Ulpiane (perballe Beni Dones), Prishtina, Kosovo.

For more information please contact:

Denis Nushi

Email.  denis.nushi@undp.org    Tel. 044 889 199