Universum College remains the leader in real international student and staff exchange opportunities. Enis Mustafa, a master student at Universum College is one of 257 Erasmus Scholarship recipients who has benefited from a full-time semester exchange at Politechnika Warszawska University in Poland.

Regarding his experience in Poland, Enis says “Semester exchange during Master studies in Poland is the best experience so far, and for that I am infinitely grateful to Universum College”.

As for the people in Poland, Enis says: If you ask a Polish citizen how he is doing during the day they will give an honest answer. They will not answer that they are good only for the sake of politeness. “If he/she is having a good day, that’s what they’ll say, but otherwise be prepared to listen to them talk about bad weather, horrible traffic, annoying politicians and unsatisfactory job.”

During his stay there, Enis has tried different types of food, here is what he says about them: “It is difficult to compete with other European countries like Italy or France for the title of culinary as the best on the continent. But most of the time, Poles are convinced that food is delicious and deserves to be considered one of the best foods.” says Enis.

Like every other student at Universum College, Ennis enjoyed the part of travelling in Europe. In addition to Poland, Enis has traveled to other countries such as Hungary and Austria.

As you can see, the benefits of Erasmus are many. I guarantee you that after Erasmus you will have enough stories to tell and many memories to keep close to your heart. Although you may be upset when this ends, you will realize how lucky you were for this opportunity. You need to apply too, start your studies at Universum universum-ks.org/aplikimionline/ The Master program at Universum College is the only program which is ranked 16th in Eastern Europe and in the Top 200 best programs in this field in the world by the prestigious French agency Eduniversal.

Furthermore, this year, Universum College has added new study programs to the master’s program including a dual German degree which provides internships and employment for students in Germany. Learn more https://www.universum-ks.org/studime-master/

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