Teaching Experience as an Academician at UNIVERSUM College Prishtina / Kosovo Prof. Dr. Hayrettin Kemal SEZEN Altinbas University, Turkey [email protected]

I had known Kosovo, which is a NEWBORN hope, out of my history conversations with my parents and lectures during my childhood. Later I heard news about it from the media several times, and I was sad for the dramas lived there, because of the war. Thanks to the fact that Altinbas University, İstanbul, Turkiye and Kolegji Universum, Prishtina, Kosovo have signed Erasmus+ Mobility Agreement , I got the opportunity to see Kosovo for the first time for one week between November 24 and December 01, 2019. Before my trip, I was working on a master program syllabus that will be formed at the intersection of Data Analytics & FinTech & BlockChain. So I have been thinking about Robo-Advisor or DMDIF, which is Decision Maker Digital Intelligent Forms, based on artificial intelligence. I usually fly with Turkish Airlines and try to take advantage of my free English newspaper reading opportunities. I was very lucky on this journey as I was able to get two newspapers and learn more digitalization & fraud-scams and digitalization & discrimination. Upon my arrival in Prishtina, I had one day to accommodate myself and walk around the city. Then, on my first day of mobility, at the Universum College Campus in Prishtina, I met Ms. Albnora Hoti, the head of Computer Science department with whom I discussed different issues regarding the teaching process and the department structure in general. Then, the next day, while going from Prishtina to Lipjan’s campus by car, I had a conversation with Ms. Gentiana about how the subjects being taught can have some Turkish-based cultural and social similarities. That day I also met Mr. Muzafer Shala, the dean of the Computer Science department and we discussed about various collaboration opportunities between our universities. I would like to express my thanks to Ms. Gentiana, Ms. Albnora, and Mr. Muzafer for sharing their valuable times with me.

That same day, I also had the chance to lecture “System Approach & Modeling in Management Science” to Computer Science students at the campus in Lipjan. I had this same lecture with students in the Prishtina Campus as well and I can say that I have been very impressed with the skills and ambitions of the students whose eyes shine brightly. In addition, I was very satisfied with their professors’ understanding and supportiveness towards students.

During my stay in Kosovo, I saw some historical buildings such as the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Mosque in Prishtina. I asked my apartment’s owner, Mr. Recai, also the owner of the Arbanasi restaurant, to drive me to Sultan Murad (I) Tomb. Having completed our visit, he did accept no fare and I offered him Doner Kebab and Baklava, originally Turkish creations that are spread all over the world. Those were very nice; thanks for the efforts of cooking, chefs.

I also visited some historical monuments such as Sinan Pasha, Bayraklı mosque, a stone bridge, and a bath in Prizren as well. It was a pleasure to sit by the riverside and watch the old Turkish houses while drinking coffee.

Mr. Gezim, whom I met on the plane, was one of the signs of Kosovan’s hospitality. He guided me in Prizren and at the end, offered a bottle of hand-made distilled hot spirit. During my trip, an earthquake hit Albania. All Kosovans were ready and took action for Albania; aid collected, entertainment and celebrations cancelled. Having heard the size of Turkey’s assistance for Albania eased my worries. We shortly shared our experiences on Kosovo with Ms. Nihal whom I met coincidently at the airport entrance. I moved to Gate 203 with the tremendous happiness of having bought a black eagle printed T-shirt at the last moment for my son, a BJK fan, who will begin college next year. I sat on the plane, closed my eyes and wanted to express my gratitude to Altinbas University for this opportunity, the staff of Erasmus Coordination for their support, and Ms. Ereza, who is a coordinator at Kolegji Universum, for her interest and especially for asking to write something on this experience. 02.01.2019