English department in Universum College today harvest a successful year by showing the comedy named “mind your language” prepared from the students of English department.

Immediately after the publication of the news that this comedy will be interpreted, it woke huge interest in medias, that always kept asking promotions regarding the event that was waiting to be interpreted. Huge interest was shown today during the show of this comedy in “ODA” Theater, where the theater was filled.

In an interview held with directors of this comedy, Mr. Ensar Bajrami and Ms. Nesrin Jahja, was mentioned that the reason of this play was the presentation of talent and interest of students and their knowledge in languages in general.

Companies recruit workers who own knowledge and diploma in English Language, this program’s diploma can open a lot of doors after graduation. Universum College, is the only institution accredited that offers program of English language with specializing in media and journalism, English language with translate and English language with German language.

This will not be the last activity organized, students and professors from all departments are preparing for events and different competitions that will be shown in following days.

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