After 3 years of studies at Universum College, today the student Shqipdon Sylaj successfully defended the diploma work in Dept. Computer Science. Shqipdon has created an application for evidencing student participation in lectures. 

What`s special about this day for Shqipdon, siblings and other students that were present in hall, besides the maximal evaluation by the mentor and the members of the committee for excellent work, after a few moments of graduation he signed a contract for employment at "Vision Agency" company.

All this happened thanks to the collaboration of Universum College with companies and institutions inside and outside the country, enabling student practical work during their studies and guaranteed employment after graduation.

So our students are working for the global market since the first year of studies in positions like Programmer, IT, Data Security, Digital Marketing, Project Management, Content Writing.

For more information about the Computer Science Program, the opportunities for practical work and employment during the studies, follow the Universum College pages on facebook & instagram, contact [email protected] or call +377 44 144 062.