Executive Director of Universum College Mr. Alejtin Berisha has attracted the attention of the most prestigious business magazine in the world – Forbes Magazine.  His innovative entrepreneurial activities thriving to bring contemporary solutions to global problems in education has become a success story and a role model for numerous education institutions worldwide. Given that education remains one of the greatest fields that has received a biff because of Covid-19 pandemic, Mr. Berisha has managed to turn the disadvantage into an exceptional accomplishment.  Consequently, Forbes associate Ms. Robin Shulman, who actively researches entrepreneurial activities, has applauded Mr. Berisha for his courage and commitment in expanding the best practices in education and becoming a role model in the region and beyond.

Mr. Berisha has recently founded a unique education institution Finnish School of Kosovo – a K12 school completely based on the best educative practices, curricula and teaching methodology. Throughout the pandemic, Mr. Berisha has officially launched the Global Online School, an excellent affordable online education platform for best education practices. The inspiring platform was implemented throughout the pandemic lockdown months (March – July) at UNIVERSUM College and Finish School of Kosovo. Thus, enabling students to exceed the learning outcomes by ensuring their safety and preventing hindering in teaching and learning. In his interview with Ms. Shulman, Mr. Berisha highlights that with innovative entrepreneurship Universum College and the Finnish School of Kosovo aspire to incorporate the number one alternative education program for the growing digitally native families, expats, and parents looking for global learning environments. This program is also a unique opportunity for students and global learners who cannot physically take place in conventional classes because of Covid-19 risks or many other reasons. For more details please read the Forbes article below: https://www.forbes.com/sites/robynshulman/2020/08/16/how-this-entrepreneur-built-a-distance-learning-program-based-on-the-finlands-best-education-practices/#3eae597818b0