Vocational Studies

Universum College besides the regular undergraduate and graduate programs, offers variety of vocational training and certifications. These training aim at equipping the pursuant with additional necessary skills and certifications required by the global market. Every academic year, depending on the market demand Universum College applies for international licenses in order to professionally train and certify the interested participants from different professional backgrounds. Some of the training and certifications offered on regular basis are:

Digital Marketing Institute
Offers an intensive training which enables participants to become an expert on digital marketing, targets and social media management. Universum College is the only institution licensed by DMI Ireland which is qualified to deliver the training, examine the participants and certify them.

Anglia Language Certifications
Universum College is licensed by ANGLIA England to offer intensive training and globally recognized language certification in English language. Participants which attend various levels of English language proficiency courses get certified by ANGLIA upon the completion of ANGLIA EXAMINATION.

Universum Blockchain Institute
Blockchain Institute is only offered by Universum College in Kosovo. The aim of Blockchain is to train participants in research, financial analysis, cryptocurrencies, international financial markets and so on. Blockchain institute develops experts in the aforementioned fields, thus enabling participants to be successful in their investments, risk managements and financial forecast.

Training in Marketing and Sales
Universum College has a great cadre of licensed national and international instructors which deliver modular training in Marketing and Sales. Participants learn advanced strategies, knowledge and methodology of coherent marketing. Intensive training increases the capacities of successful participants. Therefore, they become experts in marketing and increase the sales of the products in the institutions they work.

Management and Public PR
Universum College has various national and international licenses which authorizes our experts to train and provide international certification on Public Management and PR. Participants learn advanced strategies, knowledge and methodology on how to manage public institutions, how to draft and implement PR strategies as well as how to respond to the public scrutiny of institutions

Training in Edexel package
Edexel is a professional package of training developed in the United Kingdom. Universum College is the only accredited and licensed institution to offer the Edexcel training in Kosovo. Edexcel consist of intensive training in: management, marketing, accounting, business development, ICT training, human resource management, business law and integration, and various other business-related modules.