Students Event

The event name

3Universum Explains4Speech Contest @Universum
5Workshop “Take a Stand”6Red My Lips @Universum College
7Summer University for high school students8Conference for Publishing Research
9Security in Blockchain10Give blood, save life!
11Career Academy12Workshop for high school Professors ‘Innovative Teaching’
13Coffee Lecture Series14International Day of Happiness
15Universum Innovation Week16Accounting Competition
17Seminar “My career 2028”18Social Enterprise Workshop & UPShift
19Shijo Shqip @Universum-The Local Products Fair20British Day at Universum College
21Entrepreneurship Weekend22FREE Training on Entrepreneurship and Career Orientation
23FuckUp Nights Prishtina Vol. XIII24KosICT
25Android Day at Universum College26Code Summer Fest
27Call for Business Plans – Green and Innovative (by FIQ)28International Day of Money
29Universum Identity Week30 Startup Europe Week Kosovo
31Mini Boot Camp- Girls That Bring Change32Debate: Youth and Social Media; Young people and the labor market; Debates for the Book
33Software Engineering Mini Boot Camp34 Cyber Defense Week
35Hack Day36Study Visit
37Donate Campaign38Universum Social Media Training
39Bowling Challenge40Tournament on Sony Playstation
41Universum Movie Night42Universum Table