Career and Study Abroad Fair

The Career and Study Abroad Fair, a golden opportunity for studies abroad. UNI - Universum International College is always supportive of students and pupils who successfully gain knowledge to be employed or continue their studies abroad.

Albanian Developers Conference

Albanian Developers Conference, the largest conference in the IT field organized by Universum International College and Albanian Developers, which brought together the successful programmers of the market and the programmers of the future.

Activities of the Nursing Department

By providing medical services to citizens, Nursing students,  are creating a hands-on learning environment, in which, each upon graduation is equipped with the knowledge, skills and values to provide patient care.

Prishtina Fashion Night

Universum International College students presented over 45 creations at the biggest fashion event in the country Prishtina Fashion Nights 2022. Our students were engaged in real hands-on projects since their first year of studies.

Coding day

In Coding day, students of the Computer Science Department are engaged in real hands-on projects as of their first year of studies. This provides them the opportunity to create innovative projects and be as close to the labor market as possible.

International Teaching Week

International Teaching Week and the Scientific Conference brought together 20 scientists from different countries from Europe, who presented innovative ideas on social, political, economic and health issues.

Graduation Ceremony

Excitement, pride, and gratitude are what they feel. Once-in-a-lifetime experience. UNI GRADUATION CEREMONY - GENERATION 2021/2022

Entrepreneurship Week

Entrepreneurship Week, the week in which our students develop and put into practice their ideas about creating a business or a business idea.


KosICT, the biggest technology event in Kosovo, where Universum International College was also a participant. Our students were informed about the latest technologies and the demands of the labor market.

Red My Lips

Red My Lips, Universum International College students, part of the #RedMyLips global campaign to raise social awareness of violence against girls and women.

Donate Blood

Donate Blood is an action organized by Universum International College to donate blood for people in need.

Halloween Party

Halloween Party#HalloweenParty, with Universum International College's students.

Join and donate

Universum International College, in cooperation with the students, organizes the campaign "Join and donate" every year, through which they contribute with symbolic gifts for families with severe economic conditions so that they can enjoy these end-of-year holidays, no matter how little.

Computer Science BootCamp

BootCamp in Computer Science where students work on real projects under the assistance of IT industry experts The focus of experiential learning at #UNI is for students to apply and develop their knowledge and skills in a work environment, where this will help you for joining the labor market.

Graphic Design BootCamp

Graphic Design BootCamp, students continuously apply and develop their knowledge and skills in a practical work environment.

Prishtina StreetBall

Prishtina StreetBall, students every year participate in such sports events.


BBQ Day, an annual and very attractive event for students.

Fun Learning Day

Fun Learning Day, the event is realized in order to organize educational, entertainment and sports activities for students. 

Universum Speech Contest

Universum Speech Contest, aims to encourage knowledge and positive competition among students in various fields.

Security BlockChain

Security BlockChain, is realized in order for students to be informed about the latest developments in the field of cyber security.

Verbal Boxing

Verbal Boxing, through the concept of showing a television program, with the division of roles between students, aims to create a debate, with the aim of strengthening communication skills in the English language.

British Day

British Day is organized with the aim of informing students about the British history, culture and its heritage.

German Day in Universum International College

German Day, the day when students are introduced to facts about Germany, its founding, republics, language and culture.

Happiness Wall

 To mark the day of happiness, the students have created the, Happiness Wall where they put the reasons why they are happy.

Universum Talks

Universum Talks, an activity held with various industry personalities with the aim of informing students about the labor market.

Study visits

Vizitat Studimore, are held within each program with the aim of informing students about the labor market.

Coffee Lecture

Coffee Lecture, an activity held with the aim of our students learning from the practices of professionals.

Android Day

Android Day, the day when our students program mobile applications.

Code Summer Fest

Code Summer Fest, free programming (coding) training for all high school seniors.

Bowling Challenge

Universum International College also takes care of the entertainment of the students in the Bowling Challange

Exhibition "Origami Meets Fashion"

Our Fashion Design students’ exhibition "Origami Meets Fashion".


Exhibition with the creations of our students.