Jeta studentore


Dynamic student atmosphere!

All UNI - Universum International College campuses offer a warm and familiar atmosphere to all students. Not only that, they also offer all the latest technology equipment to make studies as attractive as possible.

Ambient i ngrohte

Warm atmosphere

Salla inovative

Innovative classrooms

Mjedis Kreativ

Creative Environment

1. Access to Universum College's Campus Library for the Community's Sustainable Future

At Universum College, we are committed to sustainability and serving the greater community. To further this commitment, we offer access to our campus resources, including computers and relevant work tools (based on your field of study), as well as our university library, at no cost.

We believe that fostering knowledge and research is essential for the sustainable development of our community. By opening our doors to students beyond our university, we aim to create a more sustainable and educated future for all. Explore the wealth of resources available at Universum College and contribute to our shared journey towards a better tomorrow.

2. Access to our Sports Facilities for Local Schools

We are pleased to provide local schools in the vicinity of our campuses in Lipjan and Ferizaj with formal access to Universum College's sports facilities for educational purposes. This is a testament to our commitment to the holistic development of students in our region.

At Universum College, we believe that sports and physical activities play a vital role in a student's overall growth and well-being. As a result, we are delighted to extend this offer to support the educational community in our area.

For more you can see the attached document: Access to sport facilities


3. Access to childcare facilities

At Universum College, we're dedicated to supporting our community, and we're excited to announce that we now offer childcare facilities for our staff and students. Here are the details of this service:

For Staff Members:

All eligible Universum College staff members, including both administrative and academic staff, are entitled to a 50% discount on childcare services.

These services encompass a wide range of offerings, including supervision, basic care, educational activities, nutrition, nap/rest time, structured and outdoor play.

In addition, our staff members have access to the primary and secondary school services provided by the Finnish School of Kosovo.

For Students:

Universum College students are also eligible to utilize our childcare services; however, discounts do not apply to them.

For more you can see the attached document: Access to childcare facilities​




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An unbreakable bond!

All prior students of UNI continue to have the alumni feeling which is nothing but pride. Our number one goal has been and remains to achieve the peak of satisfaction of our students in every step they take during their studies. This has made us create an unbreakable bond with everyone. All our success stories are huge life changers for our students.








The main campus of UNI - Universum International College was built with the special strategy for a peaceful environment for all students. Not far from the center, but away from the noise and pollution of the city, our campus is the ideal place to learn and spend the day.


You don't need to worry about how you're going to come to campus. We offer free hourly transport from the Flag Circle to Pristina to college and vice versa.

Një kafe me shoqëri!

Ju nuk keni nevojë të dilni jashtë kampusit për të blerë ushqim apo pije, sepse ofrimi i të gjitha këtyre shërbimeve bëhet brenda kampusit. Me çmimet më të volitshme, ju mund të përjetoni ndjesinë e njejtë sikur të ishit në ndonjëren prej kafeneve tuaja të preferuara në qendër të qytetit.